Jewels on paper…

See, I know I haven’t posted since the Goo Goo Dolls, but I am being really good and working really hard as much as I can, to create my own digital collage sheets using both my collection of small vintage photos and also my own artwork.

I have fallen in love with colour again. I think that the winter was too long, life was overwhelmingly grey (for many horrible reasons, which will not be given space on my art blog…), for far too long and I learned to love orange, and lemon, and lime and all the hues in between. Don’t get me wrong – the grunge-monster is still alive and kicking, but I have had an almost desperate desire to “colour” my life and make it more vibrant!

It started with inchies and the fabric charms; I now have pins awaiting backs and bamboo pendants that will be strung tomorrow! Today I created a new sheet of ATCs and a mighty sheet of 35 domino blocks…

 And then this evening, I printed this sheet out using my Inkjet printer, on “normal” setting, onto glossy photo paper – and they shone at me like little rectangular jewels! Gorgeous!

3 different designs and 35 little blocks of wonderful colour! I am so excited! Honestly, I can’t help it – they print out beautifully! I have kind-hearted arty friends who have been my “test dummies” and I know that if they weren’t good enough, they’d tell me the truth. So I’m confident that these are gorgeous and it’s not just me that thinks so!

Available NOW in my Etsy shop!  Happy days! 😉

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  1. These are so beautiful. Love them all

  2. i just visited your shop and added you to my circle and favorites!

  3. I too like to print vibrant colours on glossy paper… I love your sheet, it really seems to smile at me!!! Have a colourful week dear!!!

  4. Pretty and so cheery ! Loving all the color !

  5. Cindi Picou

     /  April 8, 2011

    exciting colors! such fun! I’m blog-hopping today from the Strathmore workshop site, and it’s so very cheerful and fun here – Thanks!!!


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