Hey there, Delilah!

For Songs in my Heart, I love this song and sing along whenever I hear it (much to DD’s disgust!!). It’s one of those songs where you can hear and understand the lyrics and it has a really easy, catchy chorus – win-win as far as I’m concerned – so let’s hear it for the Plain White Ts!

This is one of those altered book art journals where I let loose with the watercolour paints… I had the most trouble with her mouth! You’d think she was singing the flippin’ song! I drew and painted her on Saturday evening in front of the telly… No wonder I had to keep asking what I’d missed!

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  1. If this is the result of watching TV on a Saturday night, please keep watching! Rosie, I think your beautiful, watercoloured journal pages are exquisite. I love them a lot.

  2. I think she’s beautiful!! Kinda Angelina Jolie-ish around the mouth. 🙂 The eyes are dynamite!!

    • You could be right there… All I know is I painted over it twice till it was more reasonable. My faces are by no means perfect and I know that proportion isn’t the be all and end all with more fantastical/whimsical faces, but this is the biggest face I’ve painted so far. It also gave me another idea!!

  3. I just saw this in the songs from the heART blog – it’s such a beauty!!!! LOVE the painting! (painting in front of the telly? wow!) I have real good memories with this song, and yes, it’s a real ‘sing-a-long-song’ isn’t it?! (I can’t sing, but when no-one’s around I sing it out loud! Otherwise, I hum. I don’t want to disturb my men *teehee*)


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