Of Divas and so on…

I spent what I earnt last week on new art supplies. It feels good, very good, to be honest… because I have been lusting after some more of the divine Inktense pencils (by Derwent) for the longest time. I was so lucky – shopping online at Jacksons Art  early in the week, with just a bit over £20 to spend, I found an absolute bargain – a set of 18 Inktense pencils, with a portable pencil stand for £13.79!! I clicked BUY! I also bought some white acrylic ink for journalling with the dip pen, another black Posca pen (fine nib this time), and a Brush Pen which holds water or ink.

So, after getting the chores and an Etsy listing out of the way, I have had a little play with them…

My colourful Diva!

Oh they are such pretty colours! If you have been watching what I post here, you’ll have noticed that I am really into colours at the  moment – big, bold and bright!! In all their hues. Yes! Yummy, juicy colours, which I have been using to create my own collage sheets. So, here’s one I created yesterday and finished this morning. It has 29 different elements (phew!) and lots of those bold colours! I wanted to make an assorted sizes sheet, so that you’re not restricted, when printing these out, to just one thing – like all dominos, or inchies, etc. On this one, you get some of each and they are all fabulously colourful!

Beautiful + Bird Printable Collage Sheet

So that was my latest listing in the Etsy shop and my reasoning behind it!! All the elements are taken from an original piece of my artwork and I’ll tell you a secret – Gizmo has a test sheet hanging on the tall fridge to the right of her cage. She has made a lot of noise since I put it there… not sure if it’s the colours or the warmer weather!! 😉

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  1. Gorgeous, Rosie! I can’t wait to have the time to play with the collage sheet you designed! It’s printed out and calling my name! XOXO

    • Oh, I’d really love to see someone else’s interpretation and how they use my designs!! Go for it Barbara!! 🙂

  2. I love inktense !!! How great that you got a bargain ! I also have a bottle of white ink that I need to try – wondering if it will be opaque enough to go over acrylics and stuff – let us know when you try it, okay !
    Love your color play creature !
    Good luck with the awesome collage sheets !

  3. billiescraftroom

     /  April 20, 2011

    Wow your colouring skills leave me in awe. Love the birds especially.

    Glad you got some new stash and are enjoying the pencils.

    Take care

    Billie 🙂

    • Thanks Billie! Funny that – I was only thinking about you yesterday…

      Telepathy? Maybe!! 🙂


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