Books and busi-ness!

I have been a busy bee lately. Nick and I started packing away things we really aren’t going to need/use or look at whilst we wait for a move… and at the same time, I have been back to AP, where I work during the summer season. At the  moment, because Easter’s so late this year, that’s only really once a week but that has also allowed me to really get stuck into my Etsy store – okay, shop! I listed Lace Face today!!

I am still tryin g to stay on track with the art journalling, although I do get distracted with Penny’s Songs in my Heart blog and other challenges, but I like challenges! It makes my art-brain more active! So, reading Julie FFB’s blog a couple of weeks ago, I saw a tutorial for a leather journal… I have some scraps of leather and as it’s my own journal, I thought it’d be fun to experiment and try it out.

I am also going to change the blog theme (and if WordPress doesn’t stop buggering about, I may move to Blogger… >.<) so expect the unexpected!!

This is what the front cover will look like when I have inserted the signatures… and above is the entire cover. I have used greyboard inside to strengthen the cover. I may paint that later… On the outside, I used a stamped flower and other Cherry Pie images, and some pretty purple yarn with fancy stitches that are on my sewing machine’s programme! See, Linda Matthews has been encouraging us to use the embroidery stitches we have available…

I even had a go at Linda’s Flip-Flap Fabric tutorial for another book cover! I am still in Fabric-love mode at the moment, so… 😉

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  1. My friend bound a leather journal (using the same tutorial) the other day (I saw it ‘life’ last week) and it’s fun to see how different it is!!! (take a look at it here I LOVE yours!!!

    • I can’t wait to finish it off to be honest!! However, I am crocheting myself a phone case at the moment as not all my trousers/jackets have pockets! 😉

  2. Really love that journal cover…so inspired
    Greetings from south africa


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