I’m going to Summer Camp! Yay!

My Dutch blog friend and art teacher, Marit, is running a summer camp for arty folks, and registration is now open…

It’s a snip – 3 months of fun for a mere 15 Euros… that’s less than £5.00 a month, and look what she says about it:

You are creative …
You love mixed media…
You are a scrapbooker, an art journaler, an artist …
You’re looking for people with the same passion …
You like to share your experiences …
You’re looking for inspiration …
You want to learn new techniques …
You want to stretch your limits …

Welcome to my paper world – the place where you can play, experiment, imagine, fantasize and try new techniques!

Marit’s Paper World offers online workshops for anyone interested in art journaling and scrapbooking. This is your chance to learn new techniques, stretch your imagination and look at possibilities with fresh eyes! You learn to look with a different perspective to the world around you and to find inspiration from even the smallest things.

So, you can see what fun there will be. I am really looking forward to popping into the Dutchies’ side and seeing what they’re all up to and how they interpret challenges, etc. I think this is going to be like going on an Art-Holiday and I already love Marit’s style and sense of humour, so I have treated myself to an affordable summer online workshop that lasts 3 months, with no rigid schedule, just lots of fun and new “stuff” to do, play with and learn about… Just click on the Button for more info.  Registration is now open and we start officially on June 1st. !! 🙂

Why am I taking this one? I think because I’d like to return to doing some scrapbooking again, now and then; I’d like to learn and share more art journalling techniques and see what inspiration I am overlooking in my day-to-day life…  I also want a camera so I am going hunting for competitions to try and win myself one – wish me luck!! 😉

Where are you spending your summer months then? 😉



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  1. You make me blush with your nice words about me, and this ‘promotion’ of Summer Camp. I’m soooo looking forward to it!!! I hate camping, but this summercamp will be fun, fun, fun! (No buzzing insects in the tent, yeay!) I’m so glad you joined!!! Enjoy the Spring weather, it will be June in no-time!

    • Aaah! Well the truth makes one blush, doesn’t it? And you know I cannot tell a lie!! I hope that people who read my blog check it out at the very least… and I know my BBFF Barbara had every intention of joining in too, so, yeah!! Rollon June! 😉

  2. I LOVE the new look of your blog! It’s exactly right, even though there are never any “rights” or “wrongs”. So I guess what that means is that it’s a perfect fit for you, and so nice and clean and colorful for your readers!

    And YES!! I will be joining you at Marit’s Summer Camp! I can’t wait till June, and will sign-up in the next day or two! So much more fun to join these things when you’re playing along too, Rosie! Now we can be kids at camp together! Wooo hooo! Look out everyone, here we come! XOXO

    • Yay!!!! It DOES sound fun, doesn’t it? And totally non-threatening… I hope more english-speakers join in!

  3. I’ve just signed up 🙂

    by the way I LOVE those journal backgrounds that you have printed onto book pages – they look fab!

  4. Sounds like lots and lots of fun! Have a great time and thanks for signing up to Art Journal Every Day in May!


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