The finished leather journal…

Yay! Today I managed to sew the signatures into the leather journal and take pics. I also took pics of the Oilcloth Tote I sewed myself last week after reading the Kath Kidston Book! So be prepared for a photo-post!!
I used one of the art journal painted pages from my Layer Love painting workshop for the inside covers, both front and back. It feels right!
All the signatures are scrapbooking papers, junk mail, etc. It’s a fun journal… 😉
I must admit that sewing the signatures in place was quite tricky, but by the time I’d done the second, I had the hang of it:
That middle page is one of my art journal backgrounds printed out onto an aviation book page. And I did the same with a Gospel sheet, which looks quite different!
And there you have it…
And then there’s the new oilcloth tote bag:
I’ve had this piece of oilcloth hanging around for over a year in my fabric stash and finally, I felt inspired to make it into a big old shoulder bag/tote for parcels, groceries, etc. The only thing I regret is not including a pocket for my phone and purse (wallet). However, I have since crocheted a phone carrier, so 1 out of 2 ain’t bad!!
To stop the strap from sliding off my shoulder, I used some plain twill (recycled curtain ties!) and some fancy machine embroidery stitches! Fun and practical as it actually works!
If you want to find the tutorial for the art journal, it is HERE on Ilse’s blog. (Artist in Training).
So, between all this handmade stuff and real life, changing the blog theme and having issues with the photo uploader which won’t let me post a photo where I want to, life is pretty calm right now. I am wondering if this is a “calm before the storm” thing? Maybe I am just a pessimist!! 😉
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  1. I am totally in love with that journal! How beautiful!

    • Thanks Effy! It’ll be my new “everything journal” when Barbara’s is full up!!

  2. Wow, wow, WOW my friend!!! Your art journal is really gorgeous – I love all the mixed pages and colours inside!!! I’m gonna bind me a ‘coloured paper’ journal soon (I only made journals with blank pages… seeing this makes me want to change that habit!) Your bag/tote is beautiful! And how clever, to sew the extra fabric to prevent it from sliding of your shoulder! I know that – it’s irritating! I will remember the curtainribbon!

    • Marit, it’s such fun and such a fab way to use all those scraps up! I made the cover first and then cut the signatures to size. And the tote bag, well I really like it. It’s one of my “good bags” now!

  3. This is lovely Rosie!! You’ve been busy. 🙂

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