If only…

I created this page this morning in answer to the prompt “More than words” over at Wednesday Stamper. I sit here typing, covered in paint (well, my hands are anyway!!). And, I didn’t write anything on this page because I just can’t. There isn’t space for all the things I feel when I look at her riding the crest of a wave? Or struggling against the ocean’s pull? Or….. ? What do you see?

The eyes at the top are by Third Coast Stamps; the large script stamp is… an old one! The background is a medley of Neocolour washes applied to a loose page from my fave book, or altered book or scruff journal!

Here are those backgrounds I printed onto alternative papers for my everything journal in yesterday’s post:

And that hymn sheet I printed onto – upside down though! I really should think before I print!! 😉

*****Does anyone (with a wordpress blog),  know why all my photos go to the top of the blog post when I click “insert into post”, instead of where I left my bloody cursor??? Cut & paste is beginning to annoy me… 😦

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  1. Sounds silly… but try this in your blogpost:

    type a line ‘whatever’ (like ‘blabla’ or jlaghfiey;uep)


    type another line blabla



    Now put your cursur on the enter place and insert picture.

    If all pictures are in place, start writing your post on the ‘bla’ lines (take those away ofcourse)

    It’s a strange way of working, but I do it this way and I haven’t got any problems placing my photos since I started doing it this way. Good luck!

    • Okay, will give that a go! It’s the change of theme I think Marit… but this one does have advantages too – I just need to find them!! 😉

  2. I love her Rosie as you know 🙂 the waves look almost as if she is some creature of the deep rising up to inspect the world of air, perhaps that is just my vision as you say many others may see many other things.

  3. Love all the fantastic pages. The vibrant style and all ideas of your art works.
    Hugs Anja

  4. Yvonne

     /  April 28, 2011

    WOW, so much to see! Fabulous collages!

  5. wonderful collages, rosie:) love that blue face!

    btw, it is the same thing with blogspot… i always upload all my pictures first and then i type in between…

    • Isn’t it strange? I used to have no trouble with this at all. And I dislike the new way wordpress has of linking. I now have to find the page I want to link to as the “predictive” function has gone… >.<

      Change is good, embrace it! Grrrr…..

  6. Rosie, Rosie, Rosie… This is soooo gorgeous!! Love your creations!! you are soooo wonderfully creative and your expressive piece needs no words, it’s absolutely wonderful!! Love everything about it, and the pages below are fabulous too!! Standing ovations for you my friend!! this is pure eye candy to me 🙂
    hugs, smiles and applause,

  7. Great pages, love the painting and the colors.

  8. stampingwitch

     /  May 1, 2011

    wonderful pages, fantastic colors – absolut fantastic!

  1. More than words sampler « Wednesday Stamper / Mittwochstempler

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