I created these ATCs from backgrounds I had on my desk… They were already painted and coloured to a degree but I decided to use strips of masking tape before painting them black and wiping that off, to “expose” the layers beneath… For Take a Word this week!

However, I also laid down PVA glue (white glue which dries clear), to see what would happen then!! So, I got layers that peeled off and some that peeled back!! I then added a few of my colourful inchies from my 2nd Inchy Sheet (in my Etsy!) and a word, under a piece of book film, leaving half of each ATC “exposed”.

So, thanks to Ann’s description, I was able to join in the challenge by taking the “abstract” route as opposed to showing my knickers! 😉

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  1. I wish I could see (feel!) these in real life… the texture looks fabulous! Masking tape you say? The effect is breathtaking!!!

    • Thanks Marit! There were a few layers underneath to start with but the masking tape is a fun way to add and remove texture! 🙂

  2. They are stunning, Rosie – such deep colours and wonderful textures.

  3. fabulous artworks Rosie!! fantastic backgrounds and colours!!

  4. wonderful , really like it!

  5. What wonderful juicy backgrounds. I have such a thing about layers. I like just making them in my sketchbook then waiting for the right moment to do something with them…

    Well I’m sure we didn’t need to see your knickers, so thank goodness for so many definitions for the word eh?

    Gorgeous pieces of work my friend.

    • Cheers Lisa… I am a background junkie too! I think that’s why I like the old art journalling so much! 😉

  6. wonderful backgrounds and the inchies are just too awesome!! love the effect of the masking tape!

  7. Love your set of ATCs, Rosie, makes me want to ditch the digital & go back to the ‘real stuff!!’

  8. These are much more impressive then your knickers anyway…beautiful artwork Rosie…great entries!!!

  9. Fabulous ATC set, Rosie! Love reading what you did. Experimenting is what it’s all about.

  10. Gorgeous, grungy, great artpieces. I love those backgrounds against the pops of colour inserts – not to mention the exquisite little drawings. Fantastic, Rosie.

  11. What gorgeous backgrounds for your ATCs! Beautiful work.

  12. I agree with Judy, Rosie.
    Your real papers are mindblowing !!
    I would die for those backgrounds.
    BTW…thanks for the tip of the barbie murders….have to google !!

  13. Simply spectacular art!

  14. AJ

     /  May 3, 2011

    Beautiful and such a creative take on Exposed. I love the colors and layers.


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