For AYITLOOAJ – “Manic Monday”, by The Bangles… and the prompt: “BUSY!”

Am I ever? Layer upon layer of ranting on paper, over and under colour and collage. So it’s nor just me that’s busy – the page is too! This is surely not the kind of page I should be sharing with you – or is it? Hmmm….

Thanks for bravely looking!!! 🙂

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  1. Billie

     /  May 8, 2011

    Hmmmm seems that I have heard that our art reveals what goes on inside our hearts. Busy busy busy.
    I get the feeling that you are not entirely happy with this busy.. There was a time when this war fo Bushes
    was driving me nuts.. I just felt awful..so I painted a huge painting. THe biggest canvas I have ever
    worked on, and it is an awful painting. I like a part of it, since it helped my mind, and certainly show how dark my mood was. So glad I got it out of my head and don’t care if it is where others can see it.. It really
    shows what is in my heart . or should I say was. It is sort of behind a bookcase and hanging on a wall in
    my “studio” I don’t really look at it. But I know it is there. a reminder. Sooo paint it out and make your life
    pleasanter. Billie

  2. Pam Prosser

     /  May 8, 2011

    All your work interests me… you show such variety in style, moods and colours.

    • Thank you Pam – that’s a great compliment! I just wrote something about that on the Strathmore Journalling Workshop thread… Not sure what they’ll make of it, but I feel a bit rebellious!! 😉

  3. A busy mind, a busy page… it’s YOU in a certain mood, and we don’t always like our own moods isn’t it?! But I have the feeling this is an important page – Billie found the right words to tell it. I, myself, find it a very intrigueing page, and I keep on looking at the fragments (I found Alice’s ‘rabbit’) Oh, and nothing wrong with being rebellious my dear!!!

    • Yes, I think it is an important page – like a wake-up call… You can’t always hide between pretty or nice or keep layering and expect it to work. Art is obviously not always gonna work 100%!
      Thank you!! =)


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