Thinking happy thoughts!

I’m trying hard to, although I admit to still being quite uncomfortable and in a little pain… I had my first ever mammogram today and to be quite honest, it was far more distressing, uncomfortable and downright painful, than I had expected. I knew what was going to happen because I watched a short documentary about  breast screening last year, but I am just thankful it’s over. Now to wait for the results and hope all is well.  One of those necessary evils I suppose.

So, I am glad that Wednesday Stamper’s theme – “think happy thoughts” and show what makes us happy came to lift my spirits. It’s been such a busy few days that I haven’t spent much time with hands on creating, more a quick sketch here and there in the odd waiting room!

There are lots of things that make me happy – art, stamping, paints, etc. are the obvious ones, but combining them is joyful too! I spent a while today messing about with walnut ink crystals. I bought them well over a year ago and had never even opened the tub, so my backgrounds are a lovely deep brown in places and I did some stuff in my art journal too (but that’s for another day!).

This would be my first choice – poppies! There are few sights that delight me more than a field of poppies, nodding their pretty heads in the breeze! I passed a clump of huge California poppies in a garden this afternoon and that was how I came to embellish my poppy-head stamped image with the red paints! That fits nicely with Theme Thursday too – gardens… 😉

And, this little character also makes me smile happily! I have stickers in my fat pencil case and they “fell” into my hand whilst I was rummaging for my Inktense pencils…

I know, it’s Hello Kitty! I can’t help it – I love these stickers!! 🙂

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  1. lovely art!

  2. What a beautiful page of poppies Rosie- gorgeous texture and just the right elements!

  3. Billie

     /  May 13, 2011

    Oh my, after reading of the mam, then I go to your art and there is a large red, round flower. and I couldn’t help but chuckle. Maybe I am the only one? But I thought the pain was coming into your art. lol Of course after a might have used a pancake for the symbol.. I am hoping that some bright woman will come up with another method for a mam, that is less uncomfortable. Even more reliable.

  4. well, you are so right, your atcs make me happy too. love discovering the details! seeing flowers makes me always smile

  5. Your poppies make me happy too. The colors are so vivid and beautiful, Rosie. Hello Kitty brings to mind some fun times with kids.

  6. stampingwitch

     /  May 14, 2011

    absolut beautiful!

  7. Both are fantastic creations. Love the combinations of all details.

  8. these are lovely!!!

  9. Aaahhh… poppies! Haven’t seen them in a while – but then again, I don’t walk much further then my garden these days… maybe I should go for a long walk today?!! Enjoy your weekend dear!

  10. Love the ‘eye-popping’ poppy card, Rosie, would make wall art!

  11. ………..GREAT wall art!!

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