DADA-ism vs. GAGA-ism!

SPA this week – DADA is the theme chosen and illustrated beautifully by Marion! I’m not completely sure of myself when I post this, but in the spirit of rebellion and “rage against the Machine”, here’s my offering this week – multi-layered, using 2 of my own mixed media collages and various strange Photoshop brushes….

I was compelled to use the poppies symbolically for the wartime flavour and Alice in Wonderland is the product of Lewis Carroll’s own tortuous mind, so that seemed appropriate too. I also used the jumping horses to be dramatic, and if you look closely, you can see ghostly rubber ducks too!

In the spirit of DaDa and GagGa alike, I kept thinking of her recent song: Judas. I have a teenage daughter’s playlist CD in my car and am used to the odd looks I encounter when I stop in traffic and have it playing (fairly loudly!!). After all, I don’t suppose many 53 year old women drivers listen to LMFAO (Party Rockers) and Example (Unorthodox)! Do I look like I care? 😉

Love her or hate her, this is pretty outrageous… If you are deeply religious or easily offended, do NOT watch this music video. Just sayin’…

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  1. Fabulous, love the colours here!

  2. I love your DADA piece… the challenge is tempting to me. I don’t think I can find the time to make something today though… I’ll keep it in mind as inspiration for another day. I’m not easily offended and not religious at all, I just don’t like lady Gaga… I played the video only for a minute or so (until she begins to sing haha…) but I do like the colours against the black and white!!!! Oh, and you coming to Holland to take my workshop, now that would be something!!!!

    • Wouldn’t it be great?! I am going to work hard towards it – it’ll be one of my personal goals this summer!! 😉

      I thought you might enjoy the DADA theme too… I think LG is rude, offensive, “in your face”, and very watchable! It’s just one of those things! 🙂

  3. This is so cool. So much to look at! I agree about Gaga–she’s amazingly talented but she scares me a little :).

  4. What a wonderful blog post with such great artwork – I´ve enjoyed reading and looking at your card! Hmmmm, and I thought this theme was an easy one for a group with so many mail art people … 😉

  5. Familiar with GaGa, not so much with DaDa. You’ve opened so many doors for me. I’ll be exploring that.

    BTW Saffy arrived yesterday! She’s so beautiful, love the paper, and thanks so much for the card. I’m going to do a blog post later today/tonight. I figured out why Saffy kept calling me! 🙂

    • Paula, I’m so pleased she arrived safely and in good time! I look forward to reading your blog post! 😉

  6. i´m also more familiar with dada than with lg. dada is one of my favorite themes (off mainstream) and your card is just FUNtastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wow This is amazing…what a wonderful DADA treat…so many fabulous layers…great job!!!

  8. Love your piece. Those poppies are amazing!

  9. What a grand free time you must’ve had with your Dada piece! Lots of quirky little thoughts embedded in it…pure Rosie! As for Lady Gaga — like Madonna, she’s a talented and attractive young lady who reduces herself to near porn which I find offensive. What a shame she reduces her talent to this….but, then, that’s the opinion of a little ole granny in the Heartland U.S. …………….

  10. Billie

     /  May 15, 2011

    Another US Granny. Ga Ga is an entertainer, and she IS entertaining. Got your attention for sure.
    I have to say that even before you said DaDA or GaGa the word turmoil went through my mind at first
    glance. And both GaGa and DaDA set our world at odd angles… I like all the layers and thoughts that I find when I see this… Keep goin girl.. and play your music loud as you please whatever gives you pleasure.

  11. I love this piece and post! Your art is just so full of life, color and meaning and it really strikes me! And that video! Very cool – have never really seen one of hers before, but like her or not, she sure puts on a good show! Thanks for sharing, xo

  12. My new favorite of your art!
    You got all the elements for dada!!!

  13. Beautiful page, Rosie! Each detail is so well thought out, and the color is fabulous! BTW – I’m just a tad (said clearing throat) over 50, and I rock out all the time! It’s good for the soul!!! LOL! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  14. Your art is far superior to Lady Gaga’s ‘singing’ , Rosie!! A brilliant take on DADAism!

  15. This is a fab interpretation of DADA. Love reading your blog post everytime.

  16. I like it! I think you got it.


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