That used to be the way that “oriental people” were described, back in the old black and white movies’ days. I remember watching Charlie Chan films with my Mum when I was little, on BBC2 on a Saturday afternoon – we also watched a lot of musicals!

So, for me the term oriental has many inflections…


I started out making the background with strips of torn masking tape to leave space for journalling – trying to be a bit more disciplined!! Then came the walnut ink and some watercolour tones of brown.

“When I collaged this page I was thinking about the “state of GRACE” and that no matter how much you want to RAGE against the Machine, it doesn’t pay to rant and scream. It’s better just to try to maintain your dignity and keep your self-respect by rising above it all and preserving a dignified silence.”

It was unfinished, so I added colour and shading and some doodles, plus more detailed text… At the top I wrote:

“Although she looks very beautiful with her hazel eyes, I bet she’s not inscrutable, like the oriental races are… or appear to be! He has his glasses to hide behind.”

“Is it really better to live a minimalist life? Should we really discard things and not invest them with memories? Are we just too sentimental? Too steeped in the clutter and ownership of possessions?

Is “less” really “more”?”

Ironically, the Fortune Cookie paper at the bottom reads: You have a keen sense of humour and love a good time.

For Take a Word – “Oriental”.


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  1. This is so creative and gorgeous, Rosie. It is a real “one-off” and I love everything about it.. Wow!

  2. Rosie, what a fabulous page! Her beautiful eyes are captivating, and your journaling is awesome! I’ve gotta try using torn masking tape. What a great effect! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Billie

     /  May 16, 2011

    I love it, The words you used add a clever interst. However did it happen that YOU would get that fortune cookie.. I may start to believe what they say.. This vision a nice experience to add to my day.. keep arting.

  4. The torn strips are very effective for a journal page. You’ve given us something to think about as well. I do feel we’re too hung up on “material things”. That being said, I have a house full of sentimental “things”! The fortune cookie surely had some inside information, by the way!! Good work, Rosie!

  5. A wonderful journal page, great take on this theme.

  6. Rosie this is a super journal page! Love it!

  7. Taluula

     /  May 16, 2011

    Very effective use of the strips, Rosie, and the whole piece is just wonderful. I love it.

  8. Oh my goodness Rosie… this certainly is one of my favourite pieces of you! I love all the symbols, the texts, the thoughts behind it ánd how it looks! Fabulous!

  9. I love how you contradict the “less is more” theory. I always seem to stop short when I should keep adding details. Your interpretation is delightful, Rosie, and the fortune cookie seems to describe you well.

  10. This has superb design and a wonderful oriental twist to it. Fantastic concept Rosie!

  11. Very interesting how your work evolved here in tandem with your thoughts and reflections. An intriguing and provocative piece.

  12. This page is absolutely stunning…very creative with lots of fabulous detail to explore.Brilliant!


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