Just because I don’t post every day, doesn’t mean I’m not creative every day. If I could post from my mobile phone, I’d show you more of the scenery from my surroundings and also the yummy food I cook where I work for the summer season. So, meanwhile, in between the artsy posts, let me share a few places I go for inspiration and find ideas, and stuff to do…(given the time, of course)!

If you click HERE, you’ll find Tammy’s upadted list of Projects to do with Kids… This sort of thing is really handy, even if your own kids aren’t interested, you probably know Mums who might be glad of such a resource!

Now, for adults, click HERE – to find the HUGE Daisy Yellow Project List for you! If I wasn’t attending Marit’s Summer Camp (Doors open on June 1st!), I’d be working through this list! And then going back to check out Parts 1 & 2… 😉

For the art journallers/journalists (potato, potahto!), Tammy just wrote the best post all about Gelly Rolls… HERE!

See, this is why I love Blogging and put these wonderful people in my sidebar!! Melissa Dinwiddie is a recent discovery – I really like her take on life, and art, and business, so check her out too, if ya like!

Here are a couple of pics of an untitled oil painting that’s drying/curing. I painted it in one sitting a few weeks ago now and I have no idea when it’ll be dry or when I can varnish it. It’s “one of those”!

I really love that buttery consistency that oils have! All the paint was applied with palette knives – not a brush stroke in sight! Even the “splats” were knifed!! And now, I have 4 gorgeous Man-cuffs to list in my Etsy store, all created yesterday with Father’s Day in mind!! None of them are ear-marked for Nick, so feel free to fall in love and purchase as soon as you see them!!!! 😉

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  1. I checked all the links Rosie, and I’m especially impressed and inspired by Melissa’s work. WOW! Thanks for showing the way!

    • Thanks Marit! I always mean to share more links, but that can be more time-consuming than a normal arty post!! Glad you liked the sites! 😉

  2. Thanks for all the links, Rosie.
    Love the oily play piece ! Wow ! So free. Love that !
    Here’s to creative living, Lovely One !

  3. Ria

     /  May 18, 2011

    Oil paint will dry to the touch in 2 to 3 weeks (depending on how thick you put it on.). You will have to wait a year before you can varnish it. If you need to varnish it. Oilpaint looks lovely without varnish.

    • Thanks Ria! Hope you are well? How’s life in Sweden… going well for you I hope! xo

      • Ria

         /  May 19, 2011

        I’m not in Sweden yet. We have to sell our house here first. In the menatime I can’t get to my art supplies, so I can’t stamp, or paint, or collage 😦

    • That’s sad Ria – I’d either be “forced” to go buy some more supplies, or dig out the boxes… Carve your own stamps – you always had a good eye!! And get some Inktense pencils and a a waterbrush – basic supplies, voila!! 😉

  4. Gorgeous colors, Rosie. Makes me want to go out and buy oil paints. All mine have dried up from not being used in decades.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Rosie! I’m so flattered to be mentioned here!

    Love your painting too. Makes me want to try out oils again (last time was… age 11??)



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