When life hands you lemons…

I was thinking about that this morning, whilst baking in the kitchen. I love lemons. I love their zest, the lemon juice and I have even eaten them whole, like oranges, when we lived in Spain many years ago, picked straight off our very own trees, on the huerto! And of course, then , as my mind does, I thought about “life” in general and the idea of completing that saying… “make lemonade!”

To me, a year ago that would have been just fine. Yes, I’ll make do with that and go make lemonade! Not now, though, oh no! If “Life” has the audacity to offer me lemons, I shall refuse them politely and ask for raspberries, or strawberries, or passion fruit. I mean, if I am going to have a sugar overdose, I’d rather it be from Pavlova, or some fruity scones, or jam – NOT lemonade…

And then, of course, I got to thinking about “women” and our negative body image issues. Especially our relationship with food. I don’t know about you, but I have struggled with weight issues all my life and lost and gained many, many lbs. And it’s so ridiculous, because if I took control of my ‘food issues’ the way I have dealt with whatever else “Life” has seen fit to throw at me over the past few years, I would be in control…

So in the spirit of “handing back those lemons”, today I decided that among all the crap that is spouted to motivate one at slimmers’ clubs, etc. “Eat less, move more” is the most logical. Ergo – for each wonderful cheese scone or muffin that I bake and consume (eaten slowly with great contentment, whilst murmuring, “Mmmm, these are so good!”), I shall exercise 1 minute on the crosstrainer. Kill two birds with one stone – enjoy my food and then get my body burning some fuel!!

Here are some yummy (possibly motivational) photos, of what I’ve been up to today. These little works of art will be thoroughly enjoyed, contain eggs, and are my entry to the Three Muses challenge today. A bit naughty but then, I am calling it a creative way to use eggs in “edible” art!! 😉

** Those are for afternoon tea (and Amber’s breakfast!) And I have already done 3.5 minutes and over 1km on the crosstrainer, so maybe for once, I am taking my own advice… And DD ate 3 of those muffins, so they must be good!  😉

** The website I find all my recipes on lately, is All Recipes (UK & Ireland) and if you click through, you’ll see why I cooked extra potatoes for mashing today!!  I shall make those tomorrow and we’ll enjoy them with salad and ham I expect!

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  1. *ggg* – love your edible art:))
    oh well, the weight thing… i´m an expert in jo-jo… but one thing i have learned over the years: nobody loves me less or more depending to my weight… so why should it be in the focus of my mind all the time? better care for other things…

    • Absolutely agree Johanna, but we all have our demons, don’t we?!! It’s just another thing I obsess about – in phases! 😉

  2. Billie

     /  May 18, 2011

    You are wicked, indeed. Such yummy treats.. Cheesy Scones.. oh my. And they look soooo tasty.
    I think you should do more than a minute per scone.. You have my mouth watering.. and i shall
    have to bake. Seriously.. Love your blog..would certainly enjoy a cup of tea with you ——and one
    of those scones.. ; )

    • You know, you’re probably right Billie, but if I have to bake to exercise, then I bloody well will! At least I know what’s in my scones, etc. I’ll be better off eating less “Fat-free”, chemically-treated food.
      I’m glad you love my blog – and we really should do tea and scones one day… 🙂

  3. Well, now, I kept lookin’ for the eggs, but I soldiered on, working up an appetite, and ultimately some admiration for your creative interpretation of this week’s challenge! You’re a winner, Rosie girl. Thanks for sharing your own special brand of humor with us!

  4. Teehee… I love your twist to the ‘egg challenge’!
    And I shouldn’t read your blog late in the afternoon… I’m even more hungry now!
    I admire your cooking skills!

  5. Taluula

     /  May 18, 2011

    A very interesting post Miss Rosie Rowe, and I can only say I wish we didn’t live at opposite ends of the country, as I’m sure we would be good friends. Good for you in not accepting the lemons, and too right preferring pavlova, and if we are honest there are not many ‘thin’ woman about unless they are naturally thin, and if they are, well good for them. Life is too short to be skinny (especially when I am salivating at the sight of your eggstravangaza of baked goodies). Eat, drink and cross train occasionally. For me it’s the odd hour on the treadmill once or twice a week! Our most unique take on the challenge this week ……. so take a low bow and use up 45 calories!

    • Thank you for the calorie-counted comment Ann! I don’t waste time on regrets other than that the people I most enjoy interacting with seem to be spread out all over the Globe! Such is life, however!

  6. Very yummy indeed, Rosie. Wish I could’ve been there to smell the delicious aroma as they came out of the over.


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