Blue is the colour…

That was the first line of the Chelsea football club song in the 70s (I think!) and “Blue” is Ann’s chosen theme/challenge at the Three Muses this week. I had a denim box weekend and as I wear a lot of blue, I made altered 3 bangles in various ways, all incorporating blue, so they are my entry!

This is the heavy one – a sort of creamy plastic/ivory type bangle, which I coloured with Stream and a dab of Wild Plum alcohol inks. You could do much the same with permanent markers, or Sharpies too. On the subject of Sharpies, DD bought me a set of Sharpie highlighter pens a few weeks ago and they are really subtle in journalling!! 😉

The denim one was created by opening the seam cut from an old pair of jeans and wrapping a smaller metal bangle with it. I secured it in place with my hot glue gun! I must be improving, because I didn’t burn myself at all this time!

The one at the front is also a wrapped metal bangle, covered with patterned, ripped silk scrap fabric. It’s not finished yet as it was far trickier than the other two – it’s very slippery stuff and I want to stitch it in place, possibly adding beads aswell – we’ll see! I wear the other two quite a lot now and get some curious glances… 🙂

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  1. Lovin’ the blue!!!! Fabulous!!!

  2. There is no end to your amazing talent, Rosie, especially love the ‘inky’ bracelet!

  3. I bet they look stunning on you Rosie – people glance because they all want to know this beautiful lady with the blue bangles!

  4. Love what you’ve done here. Fabulous! xx

  5. Beautiful bangles! What fun!

  6. Fabulous blue bangles- electric to the eye!

  7. Taluula

     /  May 25, 2011

    Whenever I look at your latest pieces of artwork, Miss Rosie, I suffer from envy ….. and it’s all your fault. 😀
    You are the queen of stitching and altering. I love them all.

    • Awww, you have no idea!! I am simply very, very thrifty, but I bow to your superior knowledge Ann!!!

  8. Wow, Rosie, these are all stunning!

  9. Fabulous work – I LOVE the heavy one!


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