Haiku my heart Fridays…

Something new to me. I haven’t written haikus for a few years now and so this is a challenge that will tax my brain, methinks! On the other hand, the young person (DD) used to write them easily and fluidly, so maybe she’ll help out on future Fridays, who knows?

Anyway, for Rebecca’s blog – Recuerda mi Corazon – here’s my first haiku!

Bold and vivid hues

Expressing my emotion

Abstract art – my soul…

I blame my friend Marit! 😉

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  1. i LOVE your painting. it looks like the sea, to me… great haiku to match – i guess you haven’t lost your touch.

  2. welcome rosie!

    i am so happy you have followed marit and joined in on our friday haiku. i am swept away with your wildly expressive painting, this bright window to your soul.

  3. This is wonderful Rosie, and so pleased to make you acquaintance. Very few of my on-line friends are from ‘The Old Blighty!

    Sue x

  4. Hi Rosie — welcome! This is a very supportive place, so you needn’t worry — all gifts are lovingly received.

  5. Blame me as much as you like dear – I’m glad you jumped in too!!!! LOVE your artpiece, and although we both may feel a bit rusty in writing haikus, yours is great and I’m sure you too liked it too to be creative in another way today!

  6. Rosie…this is wonderful…both words and the delicious colors, rich layers!! Hope to see you more often!

  7. Welcome rosie…I wrote my first Haiku My heart last week. This is a welcoming group of wonders. I hope you will join!

  8. Great! totally enjoyed your haiku and art.

  9. I love your painting and the depth of your haiku. It’s a beautiful introduction to who you are.
    I’m pretty new to this, too…it’s wonderful, no?

  10. I love these colors and words. They just burst out from the screen. Thanks so much. I’ve got to explore your site. It looks like you have a lot of the same interests as I do and I’m always glad to have yet another like-minded person in my life.

  11. You never cease to amaze and inspire! Gorgeous painting, Rosie! And bravo for the haiku! XOXO

  12. I love the abstract, the colors, so vibrant! Your haiku is wonderful. It speaks simply of your truth. Very nice.


  13. Rosie,
    Your painting is inspiring and beautiful. I am a little reminded of Jackson Pollock but the colors are far more vibrant than anything he painted. It is peacock blue. Simply spring gorgeous.

  14. Welcome, Rosie! Yes, I see a lot of feeling in your painting–your haiku works well. Magenta, green, purple, hues of blue, and splashes of yellow say joy to me! Beautiful!

  15. Woot woot, Rosie ! I was not here for haiku last friday but I am so glad to have your joyfilled spirit join in the mix.
    Love your colorful 1st one !


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