Kids’ speak…

I was waiting for DD whilst she took an exam yesterday (Maths!). I had the very colourful fabric journal with me, a big old pencil case and a little ziplock bag with Neos, rubbers and a few more pens in it! (No wonder my bag is always so heavy!)

The composition is mine, but the layout is pure Kelly Kilmer! The writing says…

“The language that kids today use, is as colourful as my pages… They can be so abusive without at all meaning to be rude or give offence. I love talking to kids I don’t know, because we listen to each other & engage, with no preconceived ideas or opinions about each other. It’s merely the subject of our conversation that unites us briefly. Share a thought with a young person TODAY.”

Listen to Who I Am – Hear ME ….. Look Beyond My Attitude…. See Me

I got a few curious looks (as usual), as I sat there writing, drawing, pens in mouth, waterpen dribbling into my top!! But hey, I was in the “zone” and I stopped when I felt I was finished – about 15 minutes before DD!

In explanation of the above, DD took her exam outside school, in a Skills Centre where they run full-time and part-time educational courses for kids who don’t fit the “norm”. Listening to them, we got chatting, briefly, before they all went off to class, and I found it so interesting. So enlightening… and I listened to them and saw who they are – briefly.

Maybe one day I’ll be in a position to work alongside kids like those teens… who knows? 🙂

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  1. Yummy bright color! Those colors remind me of summers on the Southern California beaches when every bikini was one of those colors. Mine was hot pink. I can’t tell fom the pic, are you journaling on fabric, or is it paper with fabric covers? The page is fabulous in every way. 100% Rosie! XOXO

    • It’s Khadi papers – 100% recycled handmade, whatever… watercolour paper, heavily textured – and the covers are fabric!! It#s a really nice size for journalling, but I really dislike the paper! My fave bikini was black with rainbow stripes… 😉

  2. Great page and great post!

  3. Rita Plesko

     /  June 18, 2011

    So very clever to have that kind of insight and how very true how many of us take the time to really know who our teens really are. Brilliant just love it.


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