A penguin’s confusing ancestry…

Just for fun (and this week’s Three Muses“exotic bird” theme!):

Genes are most confusing, aren’t they? 😉

Credits (tongue-in-cheek!!) – DD took the pic of the penguins and the background is my own artwork!!

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  1. This is so funny Rosie and very creative. Love it. xx

  2. What a fun piece of art, Rosie! Love your original work..

  3. Taluula

     /  June 8, 2011

    Don’t ever take art seriously, Rosie, your way is a perfect tonic. Standing O.

  4. What a fun piece- love the black and white background- really eye -catching Rosie!

  5. Loving your art piece and great humour. Annette

  6. Fabulous artwork, Rosie. Wonderful!

  7. Absolutely fantastic! I love your background artwork!

  8. This is wonderful Rosie… I just love the monochrome look and those birds are fab… so you… I love your style 😀
    Chris xx

  9. Your “fun” take on the theme made me smile….thanks for that!!!

  10. You make me smile!!! In between loads of work, stacks of paper, can you see me smile?! Waving to you from over the Northsea my friend!


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