A special commission…

I got a phonecall yesterday from a friend with a special request. She wanted me to create a bookmark for a very special Dad for Father’s Day, that his kids could give him. She also needed wacky, Day of the Dead, skulls and/or Gothic, but mainly skulls… Funnily enough, she thought of me immediately and that’s how I came to make this leather-backed bookmark:

I think that fits the bill!!!! I’ve backed the fabric with soft black leather and encased the front with plastic to protect the bottlecap and the image. The feather is partly encased… It all feels pretty secure and very unusual! The images are from the uber-talented and very hardworking, Lisa Vollrath – Ten Two Studios. I hope Dad likes it! 😉

I have been sewing again in a bid to complete “Project Denim”. Tomorrow afternoon, I want to photograph all the items I have made from that pair of jeans and blog it. I have taken photos at various stages, so I shall break the post down into project-sized posts with lots of photos so you can see how I did what I did and have a go yourself if you like. Denim is such fun to work with and I shall never look at cast-off jeans in the same way again – did I tell you I even made denim rings? Yes – so much easier to do than you’d think, and of course, so comfy to wear!

All the headbands will go into my Etsy shop, as will the rings and wrist-cuffs. I really hope they appeal to to people who love denim and summery accessories… Best of all, they’ll be really affordable! 🙂


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  1. So, someone thinks ‘skulls’ and then think of you… teehee!!! She was so right, ’cause this bookmark is really cool!!!

  2. Love how you put it all together, Rosie! And I’m drooling over that feather! Really gorgeous! XOXO

  3. Pat

     /  June 15, 2011

    WOW and THANK YOU, Good friend and artist too. love and hugs Pat AKA Madasaboxoffrogsxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • You made a bloody good sandwich Pat, so I’d say we’re pretty much even! Let’s hope he likes it too!! 😉


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