Project Denim- part deux!!

Onto the clutch… I cut the bottom seams off the two legs and set them aside. Using half the length of one leg, I cut halfway down each side-seam, as per the photo, turned it inside out and stitched the bottom up. I then did the corner boxing seams to give the clutch shape.

I used hot glue for the side and top seams and covered one of those big wooden beads with denim (hot glued again!) and hand-sewed the “button” to the front of the clutch bag with strong button thread.

It looks a bit odd there but you’ll see how it turned out when reversed and sewn on… I also made a faux leather loop for the closure and attached that to the top flap with hot glue and a strip of denim to cover it!!

It’s really a nice size – oversized clutch bag!! –  but I couldn’t leave it looking so plain, and that’s when the bling box came out! (It’s actually just the same size as one of those plastic takeaway food tubs and there are two of them!! A girl has to do what a girl has to do, right?!

I broke up a smoky quartz and silver wire necklace for the flap. I think it’s a discreet blinging!! All attached with the HGG (hot glue gun!)

Remember those bottom of the leg seams? They became headbands – yes, really, the first 2 headbands…

For the lower one, I wound some “frayed bits” round my fingers, shaped them and glued them to the headband. I then rifled through the bling-box and found the embellishment that looks a bit like a metal flower…

The bigger adornment is one of my shabby-chic fabric flowers made from a single strip of sarong fabric, which was machine-gathered and glued into shape and place. All I added was a glass bead charm, from an old necklace.

Now I really liked those headbands so much that I got the bug and decided to cut the other leg open completely straight along one of the seams. Both of those seams would probably become cuffs, so that was cool. I cut about 2 inches (5cm) down from the top of the leg and ripped the rest of the way down. This produced lots of wonderful “frayings” (for embellishing), and a shabby edge to each headband.

I think there’s a bit of shabby, retro-chic going on with these bands, don’t you? So all I did was tie a knot in each one (round my own head), and then trim the ends the same way you would the end of ribbons. I used the HGG to secure each end to the headband and to attach the blings to each one.

That’s a peek at my table last Friday at the Village Hall. They all think I’m bonkers, but they admire my “vision”!! Using the top of the other leg, I made a different style of headband. I cut the leg into rounds (rings?), about 1-2″ wide and attached recycled fabric flowers to them. These are mostly slightly smaller than the “tied” headbands, so more suited to youngsters, children, etc. the flowers are big. bold, pink and blue!! Here’s a very bad shot of me with the first one on:

That’s my pink ear too! Here’s a shot of them in progress on my worktable:

I’ll have to have a mammoth photo-session to list this lot on Etsy now… but I also made this coiled rope bowl, following a great tutorial I found recently…

And the denim rings! I loved making these! I snaffled 3 coconut-shell rings from my friend a couple of weeks ago and they are fun, lightweight, etc. but they don’t really go with any of my clothes!! So, I had the happy thought of covering them with scraps of denim, attached with my trusty friend, the HGG!

Isn’t that pretty? I slid a couple of pink metal heart charms and a few blue seed beads onto a silver jump ring and attached them to the top of the denim-covered ring. Voila! I made 3 of those (1 of which was immediately nabbed by DD’s friend Beth!) and then had a go at rolling denim rings…

I haven’t tried earrings yet, but I still have numerous scruffy (scrumptious) scraps left over so I’m sure I shall! 🙂





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  1. I love Denim. and love the projects you made with it, Rosie.

  2. You certainly have extraordinary vision – your work is amazing

  3. Rosie in a word WOW!! who would have thought there could be so much potential in a pair of jeans 😀 I just love every piece you’ve made and my daughter would LOVE those hair bands… I shall point her in the direction of your etsy shop once you have them listed.
    Chris xx

  4. Thank you Chris… I shall be happy when they’re listed! Shame I can’t get a minion to do it for me! 😉

  5. They are all stunning Rosie……I lurrvveeee that clutch bag!!! :~)

    Jinny xx


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