Trust your Spin Doctor…

For AYITLOAAJ – Musical Musings – 15th June

THE SONG: Right Round Ft. Kesha
Written Lyrics HERE

I like the song but I don’t really like or ‘get’ all the lyrics… However, like many people, all the changes that are happening here in the UK and all the political unrest and the effect it’s having on people close to me, makes my head spin. It’s a very worrying time for everyone I think. This is quite a satirical, sinister page, belied by the bold colours. You can probably feel my unease without me writing reams on here…

Take this any way you like! Thanks for looking!! The image is courtesy of a college prospectus and his hat is a reversed casserole dish, flipped upside down! The circle border is one of my handcarved stamps. 🙂

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  1. LOVE your take on EVERYTHING!! Very deep. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. It’s a very strong page Rosie, and it really speaks to me…. as in GB, we in Holland have quite some political storms too so it says a lot to me too

  3. Love how you used your hand-carved concentric circles for eyes! This would make a great poster! Very powerful! Love the artistic statement it makes as well as the political! XOXO

  4. This is very cool! That’s what I love about the prompts is seeing everyone’s unique take on them!!

  5. This is a great page, shows your concerns without being dark and dreary. I’m just getting into art journaling, was glad to find this blog and your blog also.


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