Fantasy and a silly prompt!

I’m still enjoying myself at summer camp and having seen that the theme for this week’s TAW (Take a Word) is “Fantasy”, I thought I’d employ one of Marit’s “silly” prompts, which leads to the creation of a Fantasy Album Cover for a Fantasy band, following 3 basic steps. The further artiphy-ing of the cover is my own messing around in Photoshop! (CS2)

So, haunted by Project Denim (!), as the background photo for the album, I ended up with Andrea Bianchi – Italian director and a partial quote from Lewis Carroll as the title for the album! Not sure I like the bendy script, but it does echo the line of the jeans at the bottom, and I faded the works backwards for more effect!

I rather like “Memory that only works backwards…” – a bit like mine at times!! 😉

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  1. Rosie,
    diferente escolha de imagem!

  2. Youdid a great job with this challenge! Summer Camp sounds great!

  3. It’s a wonderful quote Rosie! As I stated before: intriuiging! Love your album cover!!!

  4. Pam Prosser

     /  June 20, 2011

    I can’t remember what I just forgot.

  5. Did you know Marit live near me?
    The distance between our homes is only 10 km. !! ( But I never met her 🙂
    A great interpretation of the theme !!!
    And Rosy,
    I want to thank you also for your kind words regarding my mother’s passing.
    I appreciated this very much! xxx

    • Good Lord Rian! You two should meet… you are both super-creative and have a wonderful sense of humour. You’re 2 of my favourite Dutchies! 🙂

  6. Wow, love the vibrant colour of the jeans, fabulous design, Rosie, brilliant piece!

  7. Cool idea, love the colors and I love jeans 🙂


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