The Granian…

The Granian is my favourite of the winged horses. Thestrals are much too bony to be comfortable and the Abraxans are so huge, suitable only for giants. Add to that the fact that they drink only single malt whisky and require forceful handling – no, they are out of my league! I did consider the Aethonon, because of its beautiful chestnut colour, but no, it has to be the Granian:

Aren’t they divine creatures? They posed obligingly here for The Three Muses – quirky, whimsical and humorous – after all, the Muses are divine creatures too, are they not? 😉

***I make no apologies for this quippity post – you wanted humorous and quirky, whimsical and so on… you got it!! Brushes are courtesy of Tartrix (winged horses); and GBG – Silvia; combined with my own artwork – manipulated greatly – in the background!  Many thanks xx

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  1. oh rosie, this looks like a LOT of work – but it was definitely worth it. it keeps the eye wandering from one detail to the next…

  2. A beautiful picture! So beautiful. I love winged horses and enjoyed your post. Great work! xx

  3. Rosie, this is AWESOME!!! The art as well as the post. Thanks for making me giggle! (BTW, I would probably prefer the Aethonon, after all, he pulled the chariot of Helios, the Sun god – and on top of that, he matches my hair colour)

  4. Taluula

     /  June 22, 2011

    Rosie, yer mad, but quirky, whimsical and very humorous too. You made me laugh out loud.

  5. Wow big bright and beautiful and very psycodelic…great job Rosie!!!

  6. WOW, quirky for sure! Love all the colour too, Rosie!

  7. Welllll, as one divine creature to another, might I say you excelled with this one? I love the riot of color, and most of all I love the granian!!

  8. Rosie….I haven’t been by in awhile…you are sooo creative!!! Wow! You used every bit of that pairs of jeans…love your denim projects! This piece here is amazing….absolutely divine! 🙂

  9. Very fetching! The overall design draws the eye back to that spot where wings join your horse’s back. This is a particularly splendid piece. I love every color.


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