Haiku my Heart Friday

HMH is one year old today, so that’s pretty special. The Euromillions jackpot is £105 MILLION – utter madness, but also special in its own right! What would you do if you won even a portion of that money? I have no idea, lots of ideas, both, neither… but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

So happy anniversary to my fellow-haiku-ers at Recuerda mi corazon.

“Gently rolling hills

Sandy beaches, deep blue sea

– Paradise to me…”

An island holiday would be a great option I feel, followed by lots of spending and then sensible investments. See you all tomorrow, maybe? 😉

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  1. Dear Rosie

    Loved the visit to your paradise!

  2. Pat

     /  June 24, 2011

    ah perchance to dream.

  3. That place on the beach looks inviting. It would definitely be a consideration if I came into any kind of windfall. Happy Haiku My Heart Anniversary to you as well. One year of making new friends, living and learning about so many things, so many thoughts. It has been enlightening to say the least.
    Did you buy a lotto ticket? That’s the first step you know?


  4. I really like your paradise. Good luck!!!

  5. ahhh.a nice place to be, I love your paradise

  6. Tried to respond in haiku, but the words just didn’t come. As for the millions, I’d tuck away some for living expenses the rest of my life, help friends and family, but most after-tax winnings would be used to create a charitable foundation.

  7. a lovely haiku dream 🙂

  8. Thanks Rosie! I was able to put myself into that picture and dream a bit. A very nice, relaxing break! It brought back memories of Hawaii as a child, and I could hear the quiet and the ocean, feel the sun and water, and taste the salt air…haven’t been back since I was 12, until now… XOXO

  9. Hey Rosie,
    Happy Haiku anniversary. Sounds like a great fantasy to me! Love your haiku. It is just beautiful and so is the photo!

  10. Great photo and haiku…makes me long for the vacation that isn’t coming until August! I love how you would induge in “lots of spending…THEN sensible investments!”

  11. How I would love to sit in the sand under a tree, watching the ocean… aaah, dreams my dear. Sweet dreams! Beautiful photo, beautiful haiku, beautiful post! Enjoy the weekend my friend!

  12. Yes, one year is being celebrated.. with more Haikus.. indeed.. lovely haiku this.. paradise… you know … getting up tomorrow morning..now a days..with life having become so fragile is in itself a Jackpot.. . well, I am right now on this beach…there.. so easy…

  13. being on the beach
    time and tide roll together
    endless summer sea

  14. A nice long holiday on the beach with some visits from friends ? 😉
    Dream Big !
    Happy Haiku My Heart Anniversary, Lovely One and good luck !

  15. Enjoyed the virtual vacation now for some virtual spending and am thinking about how to do some sensible virtual investing. 🙂 This is so much easier on the pocket book!

  16. Lovely photo and post — and appropriate for Haiku my Heart and for Postcards from Paradise.

  17. i am finally able to visit all the haiku offerings. how lovely that we have danced around the sun to haiku through every season!

    thank you for your place in my heart.
    this perfect paradise haiku speaks straight to mine!


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