Running up that hill

“And if I only could, I’d make a deal with God

And I’d get Him to swap our places…”


The Prompt: What’s the deal?
The Song: Running Up That Hill by Placebo (or Kate Bush)
Written Lyrics HERE
Product/Technique: Playing Cards

I fell in love with the lyrics to this song, written by Kate Bush in the 1980s and vaguely remembered the tune. Now of course, I can’t get it out of my head! Like many of her songs, there’s a lilting, haunted recurring theme, that takes you deep down inside yourself and I love the choreography on the video too…

Here’s my take on the challenge where I’ve endeavoured to interpret the words and how they make me feel.

I forgot all about the playing cards aspect, and look at those hearts floating around!! So much on my mind lately too! My subconscious has a mind of its own, obviously… 😉

The stamps (except the heart), are handcarved. Size – 8″x8″ (20x20cm) To see more examples, please click on A Year in the Life of an Art Journal!!!

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  1. I love this page. I’m part way through a page relating to this prompt too. Very different from yours. But that’s the fun of the prompts, seeing where everyone takes them….

  2. What an interesting and creative take on this prompt, Rosie! That’s what makes your pages so special . . . . they’re totally YOURS and are totally AWEsome! What a powerfully expressive page! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. I loved that song in the 80’s ! Thanks for the flashback !
    Looks like you had fun revisiting it. The carved stamps are yummy.
    Happy Tuesday !

  4. In my youth (ahum) people always told me I looked like Kate Bush… I LOVE her music so I had no trouble hearing that… (I did a post about that once, it’s on my old blog here ) I love the page you made with the prompt. Never mind about the ‘playing cards’… I didn’t use that either. The prompts are to inspire you and to get those creative juices flowing.. that certainly worked with you!

  5. This is one of my favorites, Rosie! I love the purple flower-power glasses!

    I love your hand carved stamps, and I love how you use them in your pieces. I have a great time carving them, then they sit in a drawer. I love the look of stamps, especially in art journals, but I’m too lazy to get up and get them. It’s just so easy to use a marker instead, but markers just don’t give the wonderful, printed look. I think what I like most about your stamps is that. they are beautifully abstract and timeless (not faddy), and they give almost a wood block print effect when stamped. And I love that you incorporate them so beautifully into your compositions! They fit the piece and compliment it. So many others I’ve seen using hand-carved, look like they were just stuck on as an afterthought. Your compositions are fantastic!

    • Thank you Barbara! It means a lot to me when someone actually says why they like how I use my tools… especially when you are so talented and knowledgeable yourself!! 🙂


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