TAW – Wedding!

When I was working with Lisa Vollrath on her DT for Ten Two Studios, we always had some beautiful vintage images to use.

I recently combined 3 small altered frames to make a vintage-style wall-hanging.

I used lots of broken/recycled costume jewellery, scraps of ribbon and lace and the whole thing has a D-ring brass hanger!

Personally I am no fan of weddings – especially when they are outrageously expensive these days – but there’s something so innocent about this vintage couple’s photos, that I enjoy seeing this hanging every day. It’s one of those creations that you really don’t mind hanging onto!! 😉

See more interpretations of WEDDINGS over at Take a Word this week!

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  1. lottie

     /  July 10, 2011

    Absolutely stunning Rosie

  2. The images are gorgeous, Rosie, and so are all your tiny embellishments. Everything perfect for this week’s theme. Your artwork is always such a joy to see.

  3. Gorgeous, Rosie, you always come up with something so different every time, love the craftwork element this one!

  4. Taluula

     /  July 11, 2011

    Rosie, if I lived near to you, I would sneak in to your place when you not looking and ‘borrow’ all these fantabulous pieces you make. Every one is scrumptious and this little framed piece is scrumdidlyumptious. 😀

  5. Gorgeous and romantic vintage couples, Rosie. I love how you’ve made them into such an elegant hanger. I’m not in favor of expensive weddings either. Some are really circuses.

  6. Kaylene

     /  July 11, 2011

    Lovely cards, well done

  7. What a super idea, Rosie! I love it and can see why you enjoy it every day.

  8. Your pictures are stunning Rosie…wonderful artwork!!!

  9. Wow. That is totally awesome!!!

  10. Rosie, send it over to Holland if you ever get bored. to look at it !! 🙂


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