A little update…

On Monday this week, I was in town with my DD, had a minor fall and broke my right foot. Crazy, right? Now the ramifications are a bit of a nightmare… I am my DH’s carer, had just started a new temporary (seasonal) job which I was really enjoying, and also working Sundays. Well, not anymore!

That’s the outside of my right foot… not as pretty as it used to be for sure! At the time, my main concern was getting my car off the street so that I didn’t get a parking ticket, and we were lucky enough to elicit the help of a really kind PC from Bude Police Station who made me laugh and stopped me from passing out. He was probably instrumental in keeping DD sane too, as she didn’t have to worry about me so much!

He called an ambulance and I was duly carted off to Barnstaple Hospital (North Devon District Hospital) – a journey I shall never forget! (I managed to fill 3 paper bowls with the contents of my stomach, which resembled dog food and not the delicious brunch I had enjoyed!!) They got me to the A&E department at about 2.45pm and after 2 sets of x-rays, I was eventually diagnosed with a broken foot, plastered up and allowed to go home. (2 of the 3 heart attack victims brought in whilst we were there didn’t make it…) Ergo, I have no complaints at all. The NHS has always been there when we’ve needed it and the frontline staff are amazing!

Nick and I got home at 8.15pm, both exhausted and wondering how on earth we are going to get through the next 6-8 weeks. This is the temporary cast, which might be replaced today when I have been to the Fracture clinic. I’m hoping for a lighter, more colourful model, that I can alter, embellish or doodle on!!

I must admit that at 53, I never expected to learn how to manage on crutches and I am struggling! However, I am hopeful that my balance and upper body strength will improve and I may even shed those ‘orrible “bingo-wings”!! 😉

UPDATE: At the Fracture Clinic yesterday (Wednesday 13th July), the Orthopaedic surgeon said that, in his opinion, I haven’t broken the bone, I have a severe sprain and have torn the tissue and ligaments from what he can see on the Xrays… I am thankfully out of plaster and strapped up, but will have to rest the foot till the swelling subsides. I use one or both crutches for now.

I also don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my life! 🙂

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  1. Got to say I love your positive attitude!

    But I don’t love that you have to suffer all the pain and huge inconvenience of a broken foot 😦

    Get well soon!

  2. lottie

     /  July 13, 2011

    Oh you poor, poor, thing, The police and hospitals are usually very kind – even though they are often under a lot of pressure and we have to wait for quite a while – well I do for my glaucoma clinic and skin cancer clinics – but the staff are usually very nice.

    I do wish you a very speedy recovery.

    Something to make you smile – when I was a child – many many many years ago, I was always told to make sure that I had clean underwear on every day in case I got knocked down by a car. A silly thing to tell you as you wouldn’t not have clean undies on would you?

    I think they ought to have said – make sure you have very pretty pink nail polish on your toes, in case you have fall over and break a bone in your foot.

    It matches all the bed linen,

    Lovely to see your wonderful and very brave smile.

    Thinking of you

  3. Oh, No, Rosie ! That is just a mess ! Well, I hope you heal quickly and well. Try and give in to needing help. It is hard but we all need it sometimes, and you know, being helpful does really feel good for most people.
    Take good care of you !

  4. That looks so painful. I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Andrew saw the picture of your foot as he was walking by the computer (large screen, hard to miss…), and he asked, “What’s THAT?” (he always expects artwork) I told him it was your foot. He said, “It looks like the pictures they show kids to scare them into being careful and not hurt themselves”.

    I think a few months ago I mentioned to you that because of how very busy you are with so many things going on at once, that you deserve a break. I meant break, as in vacation! Not something broken! Now you really need a vacation! Make sure everyone takes very good care of you, and take care of yourself, too!

    When your cast comes off, be sure to do proprioception exercises designed for ankle injuries to re-orient your body to movement so that you don’t re-injure yourself. I’m sure the doctors will talk with you about this, but if not, the exercises are very simple and consist of blocking out other senses to re-orient your balance. You can probably get lots of info. on the web. Simple, painless, and quick, and they will keep you safe from re-injury and post-break sprains.

    I hope you’re not in pain. I’d swim over and visit, if I could! XOXO

  5. I wish you a speedy recovery and a not too streful month …

  6. Ohhhhh Noooooo!!!!! You poor darling!!! I’m happy that you DON”T have a broken foot and you can get rid of that horrible cast (although you DID have plans to alter it). So sorry to hear that your new part-time work plans are shattered by this incident. I’m sending lots of healing hugs and thoughts your way!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry to hear that you got hurt! I’m glad that your okay and that it may not be as bad as you originally thought it was (??). I love that you’re smiling, anyway! And what a lovely smile!! I’m glad you had the help you needed when you needed it. I wish you loads of of healing and blessings!! xo


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