Merqueen rising…

For Haiku my Heart Friday, I have created two photos… one from Googled images of a storm amd some rain, and in the second rendition of the same photo, I have included the Merqueen, Moira, who is one of my recent character illustrations!

 It reminded me of the old nursery rhyme, which forms two-thirds of a haiku!

“Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day…

… fervently we pray!!”

Suddenly there’s sun,

– a glimpse of blue in the sky – 

peeking through the grey

The Merqueen, Moira,

rises up through the layers

of purple and green…

It’s really just another “British summer”, is all. Cricket, rain, humidity all go hand in hand! There will be lovely haikus written over at Rebecca’s blog – HERE.

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  1. I think your merqueen has sent some of that typical English summer our way 🙂

  2. I like your Merqueen. Perhaps she could share some of the rain with me?!!!!!

  3. Ah, love your words and the rain and the merqueen drench me with coolness and knowing. Thanks.

  4. oh so wonderful!!!
    did any one else spot the rabbit in the first view?

    rain…got to love it!

  5. By golly there is a rabbit! Rebecca is right! I love these images, especially Merqueen! She is fabulous. You are so creative Rosie and so wonderful of you to share it with us on haiku day. Send some rain my way. I love it!

  6. I’ve been looking for rabbits, Merqueen and I’m sure I saw a fish swimming around there too – beautiful.

    Have a lovely week,

    Sue x

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love both the before and after! It’s all fabulous!!

    PLEASE please send some of that glorious water to our parched desert! We’re too dry to handle a big storm without flooding, so perhaps just day after day of gentle rain and sprinkles for a month. A cool, mild soaking. Oh how I can dream!

    I must admit that I didn’t see the rabbit first off. I had to read Rebecca’s comment and then take a second look, but there it is! XOXO


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