Broken – kiss it better!

Remember when we were little? I do. When I hurt myself, my Mum would kiss it better… all those scrapes and grazes. So, this doll is broken…

For AYITLOAAJ: Musical Musings – July 15th (I really didn’t like the song at all.)

THE SONG: Mama’s Arms by Joshua Kadison
Written Lyrics HERE

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  1. She’s beautiful, Rosie! I think I like your sketch as much as I like the finished artwork! Your broken doll’s lavender eyes are especially gorgeous! Hope your broken pieces heal soon! XOXO

  2. I love this take on the prompt Rosie! As you know, I struggled with this one because I don’t like the song either… Your doll is a great way of expressing this song!

  3. This is so touching! Beautiful job.

  4. lottie

     /  July 24, 2011

    She may be brofken but she is so very beautiful

    I used to dream of having a mother to kiss me better – or even a dad would have done!

    Now I have a lovely husband to kiss me as much as I want

  5. This is a beautiful piece – thanks for linking into artsee bloggers!

  6. Kissy kissy for your pretty broken doll.
    Happy Sunday, Miss Rosie !


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