Sepia Suzi!

The Take  a Word theme this week is sepia, or sepia tones. Most people would think old/vintage photos, myself included, but last week, feeling fed up and stressed out with being downstairs and all the artsy stuff (well, most of it really), is upstairs, I just doodled and messed around with watercolours, making backgrounds. This is one of them:

Lots of sepia tones there, but it’s just a background… so I have been playing today, and tried my hand at drawing dreamy dolls’ eyes, in the style of Adriana Almanza. I think the eyelashes are so beautiful on her dolls and I have tried to capture that a little here, with Sepia Suzi!

The base is all watercolour with a little white acrylic swirled into the runs (drips); I used ordinary 2B and 4B pencils for the base drawing, charcoal and Inktense for the shading and Indian ink for the pen/inky bits. The white highlights are all Sharpie Poster paint pen work.

Incidentally, I found Adriana via Jane Davenport’s blog – such a wonderful illustration artist. I signed up for Jane’s Ladybug newsletter while I was there too. She draws the most gorgeous faces – all sorts of faces and I really must practise more! So Sepia Suzi has not one, but two sources of inspiration – cool, huh?!

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  1. Oh Rosie!! I love the tones!

  2. fabulous work of art Rosie!

  3. I think you’ve done fabulously well here. Two lovely pieces..xx

  4. Now this is one for framing, Rosie, LOVE IT, in one way pleased you couldn’t get your vintage photos from upstairs (in the nicest possible way!!) – this is a masterpiece!!! Hope your foot is getting better!

  5. So unique and fabulous…I like them both…beautiful artwork!!!

  6. Beautiful! I love both pieces.

  7. Suzi is gorgeous Rosie, I love all of your characters, the white tips on her eye lashes finish her off perfectly 🙂

  8. Taluula

     /  July 25, 2011

    Wow. Wow ….. and Wow again. I am blown away AND you are a very talented lady. A standing ovation from my corner.

  9. Thanks for sharing your journey of creation, Rosie. This is a great piece. You’re getting to be quite the expert at eyes, which are the most difficult thing to do! Applause from my corner!

  10. She’s BEAUTIFUL, Rosie! Jane’s girls are pretty, but I adore the way you’ve done the eyes on this piece! Amazing how such a simple color scheme can produce such amazing results! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  11. I always love your work, Rosie, and this is no exception. Super art!

  12. WOWSERS, Rosie, this is a fabulous background and the eyes and face are simple gorgeous! Well done!

  13. Oh, I love her. Not a palette I usually work with, so it would be a good challenge for me. Love the face you discovered there.
    Hope the week is a bit easier for you, Miss Rosie !
    Cheers !

  14. The range of tones you were able to achieve from the sepia is astounding! Incredible depth, and her eyes are dreamy! Thanks for the link to Jane Davenport’s blog! I love it, and I’m signing up for her newsletter, too!

    And there is something that you MUST sign up for! No getting out of this one, Roise! Quinn McDonald is doing a free Raw Art Journaling class following the lessons in her book. The link’s on my blog, and I’m emailing you with more info! XOXO

  15. Love the way you used the background to the drawings advantage! I’m crazy about sepia tones, too–you got yours beautifully warm. And those adorable eyes–they look great!

  16. Sepia Suzi is gorgeous!!! And you found lots of new and inspiring work/blogs, so you won’t be bored for a while! Great!!!

  17. You do beautiful work….


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