Glorious Mary-Jess!

I know she’s a global phenomenon and China are very proud of her – I mean how many foreigners would be capable of winning the Chinese X-Factor? Here’s a quick clip to accompany my haiku for Haiku my Heart Friday…

Mary-Jess, voice like

a choir of angels singing

really “glorious”…

Please don’t laugh, but it makes me cry (or very nearly), when I hear her sing this wonderful song! Here’s another clip with a little more info., from Decca Records!

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  1. Oh, Rosie…Mary Jess is wonderful. I love Chinese music anyway and her voice is just perfect! You do understand *hurts* … just so beautiful it can sometimes be overwhelming!!!!!!

    • That’s very true… and I did wonder if that’s what you meant, lol! I am in awe of her singing – so gifted, isn’t she?

  2. I never heard from her, but she sure has a ‘glorious voice’!!! And yes, there are songs that I can’t hear without crying. Music is so powerful!!!

    • Yes, music is truly inspiring and so moving… When I used to watch my DD dance, it often brought a lump to my throat. I think that’s why I loved Elton John’s Tiny Dancer so much! 🙂

  3. I was not familiar with Mary Jess – her talent is astounding! What a sweet and heavenly voice she has…thanks for sharing with us through your haiku today.

  4. I had never heard of Mary-Jess either, but the Decca link has introduced me to her and I thank you for that. The first link said this video was not available in my country. Now I’m going to go to YouTube and check her out. Thanks for the haiku and video.

  5. glorious indeed! thank you for this an perfect blossoming!

  6. oh, really…how lovely. I will listen again

  7. I knew nothing about this artist before coming to your blog. She has an amazing gift and I am very grateful that you introduced me to her. How stunning her voice is when she sings in Mandarin as well, I believe that is the language she is speaking. Just lovely altogether. Thanks, Rosie!

  8. Thanks for sharing this, Rosie! She does indeed have a voice like “a choir of angels!” The Chinese is exquisite, too! I love the sweet beauty of her face as well.

  9. Thank you for introducing me to Mary-Jess! This is the first time I’ve heard her, and her voice is sweet and golden! I couldn’t watch the first video (not made available in the U.S.), but the second video is fabulous. And I did tear up a bit when she sang Glorious with the orchestra behind her. Wow! What an incredible talent!


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