Following my BBF Barbara’s advice, I spent some time cutting up collage sheets from Summer Camp yesterday (yes, resting the foot!), and on the doll sheet was a row of Babushkas. That of course reminded me of that iconic Kate Bush song, and the page was created for Take a Word.

I haven’t put a collage together with paper and glue, for a while, so I turned to my big art journal with the funky backgrounds in (yellow and pink food dyes – what was I thinking???) and decided to incorporate those shapes into the collage. It became a riotous explosion of colours and doodling, but I did also write the following:

“Babooshkas hide lots of secrets of ever-decreasing sizes, from big, dramatic, show-stopping, terrible, skeleton-in-the-closet ones, to small, silly ones. But they can also hold treasures.”

When I had pretty much finished doodling, I was struck by the fact that the babushkas only had one arm… so I wrote –

“All these babooshkas look like one-armed bandits…”

The cutting out of all the elements was therapeutic indeed, Barbara. Whether it’ll improve my drawing or not, I can’t be sure, but hope springs eternal! There are no rubber stamps at all on the page, it’s all slow, painstaking little doodles with black and white markers – plus the yummy orange and purple Sharpies.

Another interesting discovery I made is that although the food dyes disappear from fabric, they remained steadfast on the paper, despite the coloured markers (some of which are non-permanent), I used over them. I’ll have to try watercolours with them and see what happens – the water may dilute them, it may not. Watch this space!! 😉

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  1. I’ve always been fascinated with the babushkas. You took this to a whole new level! Love your background!!!

  2. I love the journaling you wrote around the images… yes, all kinds of babushka’s and I was fascinated by them as a child. I love the idea of the ‘one arm bandits’ !!! You make me smile!

    • Lol! I keep looking at the background and thinking that the “blobs” look like seed-pods now… So many doodles!! 😉

  3. I love Babushka dolls ! Being 1/2 Russian may have a little something to do with that ! Funny, most of the ones that I have seen have no arms at all !
    Love the page, that awesome background !!!
    Hope the foot is healing well.
    Happy Wednesday !

  4. First of all, I LOVE this! I connect with this page on so many levels, you can’t believe! The overall design and feel of your page (minus the nesting dolls) reminds me so much of a page of mine that I’ve never posted. I may have to post it tonight so you can see it! It’s uncanny how we connect in such subtle but deep ways!

    As for the nesting dolls, you call them Babushkas in the U.K., we call them Matryoshka here. Either way, I’ve always loved them, I have a collection of them, and I draw them (even have made my own templates of sizes and shapes) constantly, but for some reason, I never blog them….hmmm…maybe I’ll show some of them soon…

    But the bottom line is, I LOVE your page!! XOXO

  5. great page! and I love Kate Bush!


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