Poetry in motion it isn’t…

For Haiku my Heart Friday this week, I have to get the emotions off my chest. There is little beauty here at the moment, a terrible amount of unrest and a lot that will take time to work through and heal.

So much unrest here

Violence spilling onto

our streets, day and night

Disillusioned youth

Lacking jobs, lacking money

Lacking a future…

Using their rage and 

Impotence for destruction

Looting and burning

Erasing the lives 

Of ordinary people

Who don’t deserve that.

If you should want to know more, I have linked the photos, (which I googled), directly to their original sources, which are mainly news centres, etc. (Hopefully I won’t get sued!)

Whilst writing this, I found Rebecca (who hosts the haikus “party” every week), had written a really beautiful post about the longing of loons – no pun intended, no cheeky play on words from me for a change… just beautiful words and photos which are about as far from my post as you could get.

For those who didn’t realise that the UK was in big trouble, I think the events of this past week have opened your eyes. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. Wonderful haikus that ‘enrichen’ the photos with your emotions!

  2. We see the news about the unrest and it is very unsettling for all thinking caring people. I believe there is something at my site today that I have to offer to you for some physic relief perhaps.
    In the meantime, good positive vibes spread out to all affected.


  3. Rosie,

    Well done … tying your Haikus to today’s news and turmoil in Great Britain. I think we all are unsettled.

  4. Powerful Haiku and pictures. Wonderful


  5. It’s a sad, sad time, eh? *hugs*

  6. Our world is in trouble, Sweet One. I am sorry that the trouble has come so close to you, but it is beginning to touch us all, isn’t it ?
    I have to keep hope and love in focus. There is still a lot of beauty here in this life. And I think it is the only thing that will help us through.
    Sending love and light your way, Dear Heart, and out to our troubled world.

  7. magicalmysticalteacher

     /  August 12, 2011

    Thank you for a sobering view of what’s happening in a city and country that I have grown to love. May the rage dissipate…may hope be born where there seems to be only hopelessness…may peace settle into troubled hearts…

  8. dear rosie,
    it helps to write about events and feelings that weigh on our hearts.
    may we all encourage the best in everyone we meet. may we finally wake to the knowledge that we are all inextricably bound to one another. may our actions reflect love, respect and compassion.

    so glad you are here rosie. may the sun rise on peace filled days.

  9. My dear Rosie,
    I know that you read Indaba today and saw that I had blogged about the unrest as well. Your post shows a great deal of fairness and compassion, an awareness of the reasons for the unrest while at the same time recognizing how innocent people were victim to youthful rage. I am so sorry that so many people’s lives have been turned upside down. Most of all, I am sorry for the loss of life. There is nothing that can change that and it will never be forgotten. We are all thinking of you and you are in our hearts. I sent this link to Sue fox and I am leaving it for you now.

    Blessings and Light, X

  10. “The times they are a’changin’ “, as Bob Dylan sang, and he’s right. In the 60’s we had riots and protest marches and bra burning and draft card burning, but at least we had homes and jobs and food on the table. Thank you Rosie, for writing such beautiful haikus.

  11. Hi Rosie~ I appreciate very much how you have walked around every aspect of this tragedy, unfolding through haiku the different viewpoints. I see our country (the USA) possibly headed down the same path. I remember the one time I went to London, noting the policemen did not carry firearms, I thought how civilized the British were. After all, doesn’t violence beget violence? I still believe that, but the issue is escalating here. The next issue is the concept of socialism giving citizens a sense of entitlement: the government “owes” us a living, health insurance, housing, etc. Your last haiku makes the excellent point that the shops that are being destroyed aren’t exactly owned by “Louis XVI and Mare Antoinette,” but just regular hard-working people who have to meet payroll and health insurance payments every week for their employees. We used to think that education was the answer… I don’t know, however, if there is an answer… My prayers and best wishes, and thank you for a sensitive, provocatiev post.

  12. Ditto!
    There is one hope: when the old world goes down a new one emerges!
    Let’s hope and work on it!

  13. powerful….. destruction and damage…. i can only ponder what is in their hearts that makes their minds so dark…

  14. Rosie…it’s sad to see how hard working people’s businesses, etc. can be destroyed in a few minutes. I know there’s enough blame to spread around. We get conflicting reports here(US)…It depends on which news source one listens to. Peace to you and yours and your country and I pray that things can be resolved soon.


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