A love affair or an obsession?

Over the past couple of days I have made 14 fabric/textile ATCs, a lined zipper pouch, a fabric key fob and an origami word box… That’s what happens when I am happy! So, I am still tidying my stash and throwing scruffy stuff away, putting precious (to me), stash in drawers, etc. but because I had the sewing machine out, I am sewing. Again. Any excuse to use up some fabric.

This is an old shirt sleeve, painted and stamped to make it original…

I used homemade spray, acrylic paint, silk paint, metallic paint, stazon and an old ink pad – in various colours and heat-set the lot (in theory!)…

I used stencils, foam stamps, rubber stamps and sequin waste (both sides) and a brayer to apply the stuff!

I used this very bright, in-your-face, seahorse fabric for the lining and the keyfob… and the zipper pouch tutorial as my guide:

No hitches or mistakes this time. I was fully functional and focus wasn’t an issue as the girls had gone out by then!! 😉

Isn’t the fat stuffed seahorse fob fun? I have a brilliant “stampotique” one that Barbara sent me a couple of years ago and I’ve always thought how much fun it’d be to make some. Would it be obsessive to make a few  more d’you think?!!

Now to focus on Quinn’s Raw Art Journalling Class… (paper weaving tute today), as I actually created a collage of the First Lesson to remind me to do it! Lol! 🙂

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  1. Pam Prosser

     /  August 16, 2011

    Creative obsessive is good, so I say go for it, make more, do it while your mojo is on fire….

  2. You are busy!! Glad to hear its happy busy! Just looking at these projects, I can tell that you’re happy! LOVE the T-shirt! Those key fobs are fun to make! In my opinion, it’s never obsessive to make lots of anything you’re having fun doing! XOXO

  3. “Happy” agrees with you, Rosie!!! OMG! Your fabric atc’s are amazing. I’m back from my blogging break, and your colors and textures have filled MY creative soul with happiness! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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