Gabbo – the inner critic!

When filled with self-doubt

Emotions make me waver.

Inner-critic – OUT!

See his tongue, hear him…

Pay no heed to what he says – 

Or you’ll create nowt.

Fold up his red tongue

Feel my muse come out to play

Safe from Gabbo’s** bile!

Gabbo is a stuffie I sewed to represent my inner critic, or gremlin, that stops me from just creating because I can! The Haiku is much more light-hearted this week for Rebecca’s wonderful group – Haiku my Heart Friday.

**Gabbo means “to scoff or joke” and is actually a boy’s name! No new or shop-bought items were harmed in the creation of Gabbo – he’s 99% recycled. I did buy the thread to stitch him up with!

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  1. lottie

     /  August 19, 2011

    Brilliant idea- woriginal – never doubt your talent – it just flows from you

    • Cheers, me dear! I just bet you are busy at the moment, down on the allotment – watch your back! And don’t work too hard!! 🙂

  2. Gabbo looks like he’s likable enough. I’m sure you don’t mind him hangin’ around. I think he’s a motivator, because your efforts and results look fantastic!


  3. Well done! How gifted you are!!! Indeed, keep the critic at bay! Wishing you a grand weekend!

  4. Well done, Rosie!!! I like Gabbo (keep him zipped up!) and the Haiku. Brought a smile to my face!

  5. your Gabbo is truly wonderful! That inner critic needs to be visualized : ) Love it!

  6. He’s simply AweSoME!!!! LOVE that you can zip his big mouth shut!!! He’s started my day with a smile, Rosie!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. thank you rosie for a delightfully inspired and brilliant haiku!
    many times i have created references in art to the three graces…it never occurred to me to create my “inner critic”. bravo!

  8. that’s wonderful!

  9. You KNOW how much I love Gabbo! The tongue hanging out makes me laugh every time I see it! What a perfect addition! XOXO

  10. buddhatropolis

     /  August 20, 2011

    Have you ever done SoulCollage cards? I never have, but this entry totally made me think of that because you create a card that represents things about your life, such as your inner critic. Cute plushie and insightful words. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is brlliant, Rosie! I love the idea of visualizing that inner critic with his wide open mouth and long red tongue! If your own creative voice can’t override him, zip him up in the pocket! Your haiku perfectly express the steps in silencing the doubt that can overcome any of us. Now I have to create a sort of Gabbo for myself, maybe the imagery of placing a lid on a box painted-and-collaged to represent my insecurities… Thanks and love!

  12. Oh I do feel like the inner critic comes out too often.. Nice haikus!


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