From junk to poetry…

I had a really enjoyable experience again yesterday. The foot was painful, so I treated myself to some down-time and a little sewing by hand. I had another couple of “pomanders” that I wanted to finish off, but these developed characters of their own. These two became rebellious little stuffies – “The Pomander Boyz”! Meet Cyclops and Chewy!

It’s amazing the attitude an inanimate object can assume with a bit of help from some buttons, beads and embroidery floss, isn’t it?!!

The same evening, I got out the giant pencil case, a couple of pens, the khadi papers journal I dislike and the tin of  Neocolours. I spent a while creating washes for backgrounds and cutting up a Council Tax leaflet (I’m not mad – it’s a process!!), for Lesson 2 of Quinn’s Raw Art Journalling. I found phrases and words that held appeal, or the potential of a union and this poem was born, from the wordage I found in the junk mail:

I haven’t analysed any of this – but I feel what the verse means to me, personally. I wonder what it means to you? 😉

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  1. Cyclops and Chewy are so cute ! Love how you brought them into the world.
    I hope the foot feels a little better today !
    Big Love !

  2. I ‘feel’ the poem too dear, even with strange (to me) English words… I love the colours too, together with the words, the page is a very strong one!

  3. I love these two! Chewey’s teeth crack me up! You are so original! I love your sense of humor! It comes out so strongly in your artwork, and it’s wonderful! Life has been crazy busy + throwing curves every chance it gets. I’ll email soon, but in the meantime, how’s your foot? Shouldn’t you be past the pain now? Or have you been on it too much? Take care of yourself!! XOXO


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