In Raw Art Journalling this week, we are encouraged to play with words – favourite words, fun words, words that have a deeper, darker meaning to us, but not the stuff that nightmares are made of (unless they happen to be your fave words, of course!)

One of mine is “story” – the possibilities are truly infinite, aren’t they? A “once upon a time” story? A news story? Horror story? Thriller, or an anecdote… or even a piece of gossip (oops, that’s another word I have to add to the list – gossip!).

So, no “art” as such, or nothing OTT, just a page about STORY – in the journalistic sense. It’s sort of half-poem and half prose. I was prompted by a memory of an old b/w film starring Doris Day and Cary Grant (I think?) about a hack who teaches a journalism class at nightschool. It might even have been Clark Gable… (wow, that is going back in time!). Anyway, he talked about the 6 questions you have to answer to write a newspaper story – just a paragraph, even!

I’m loving Quinn MacDonald’s RAJ workshop – it’s so thought-provoking. It’s liberating and refreshing to simply think about words for a week without having to be super-creative or artistic with them. Me? I can’t help but doodle round them – that’d just be rude, wouldn’t it?!  😉

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