I miss:

I miss…

The smile in your eyes

The laughter lines around them

The way you kiss me

The warmth of your hugs

Your closeness when I’m asleep

Silly things you say

That you are away

Half of me is there with you

Come back soon and stay…

I miss: YOU xoxoxo ♥

For my husband Nick, who is in France, taking part in the World Carp Classic 2011, as part of  Team Reels on Wheels. He and his team mates are busy making history as the first completely disabled team of anglers (and their runner) who are all registered disabled! Nick is a wheelchair user, suffering with osteo-arthritis and a crumbling spine; Jim Williams has organo-phosphate (chemical) poisoning – he has oxygen with him; and DaveyP suffers with cluster headaches which incapacitate him at the drop of a hat – a motley crew, indeed!!

So I am a bit distracted, to say the least… and missing him. Luckily, I am having fun with my daughter, Amber, who started blogging again recently and would like to “grow a following”. I find her posts enlightening in many ways!!

I don’t support Thor’s new addiction to creme caramel and her feeding it to him, however… 😉

For Haiku my Heart Friday this week! Please visit and see some wonderful haikus and photographs. Join in if you like to write haiku – it’s a friendly place! 🙂

NB: If anyone is unsure as to the format of a haiku or a senryu, I have just finished reading Leo’s excellent explanation, HERE.

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  1. Gosh, I loved reading this!!!

  2. Wonderful photos – Good luck to your husband and his team – they’ll be back soon with so much to tell you about!

  3. Peggy – thanks! It was cathartic writing it…

    Lottie – they come home next Monday night/Tuesday morning!

  4. Like minds. I am the one traveling and I miss my wife and family so very very much. This made me feel good because I know they miss me too. Last night, a British couple, traveling the USA and Canada via motorcycle stopped in to attend the motorcycle rally here in Taos, NM. They are on the road and away from friends and family for five months! We talked about this and actually wonder why we separate to attend events. We did agree that the time goes quickly and the loved ones are there waiting, and although we are doing something dear to our own hearts, we miss them and wish they were here.
    Very nice indeed. I hope the time moves quickly, and best of luck with the competition for the brave courageous motely crew!


  5. I love your post as it shows how much you adore and admire your husband What an incredible adventure for he and his cohorts! Good luck to your ice cream feeding daughter!

  6. oh rosie….this is wonderful! your love, support and encouragement for your husband.
    your husband’s chance to follow his passion in spite of his physical challenges.
    go team motley crew!!!!

  7. this came straight from the heart – so simple, yet so rich. and i love the photos of all your loves 🙂

  8. What a wonderful tribute of love and caring for your man! And best of blogging luck to that ice cream feeding daughter of yours!

  9. Wishing your man and his shipmates safe seas !
    Enjoy your just you time, Miss Rosie !

  10. I love reading your love for your love. So nice to read. I hope you are doing well. Have a blessed day.

  11. good luck to the team. awesome.


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