The wagon lit…

Or sleeper car? Mix that with the rhythm of a train travelling through the night and you get a rocking, almost melodic sensation that lulls you to sleep… in theory at least! I found the image, transferred to watercolour washed khadi papers, in an old National Geographic advert for American transcontinental trains. I liked the gentle, caring pose suggesting excellent service, as the man turns down the covers. At this angle, with the staves in the background, he could almost be conducting music!

It’s a mere flight of fantasy, but… I like this way of creating. It’s very enjoyable to paint backgrounds, transfer a few images and then play with them in Photoshop. I am enjoying the “hybrid” experience, whilst I work on my classes, etc.

Lynn, of Celebrate Green and Green Halloween, has asked me to do a blog interview for them, as I still recycle most of the items I use in collages and recycle my own artwork to make collage sheets, etc., so I shall submit that later this week! Busy, busy!! 😉

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  1. Oh Rosie!! This is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. Great hybrid piece, Rosie!

  3. Kaylene

     /  September 15, 2011

    a lovely gentle image.

  4. Wow! Rosie, this is a real winner. It blew me away with its gorgeous colours, design and artistry. I love it! (Did you guess?)

  5. Oh I’m sorry….these cool collage images are yours!! When the texture Tuesday link opens it only shows one post.
    I’m just blown away by the layered images. This musical one is also very beautiful. Again, not a painter a photographer so my mind has no idea how to start and create something like this….but I am appreciative. Lovely work.

    • Thanks Susan… With this one, it was colour/background first, then transfer an image and add a little digital stuff!


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