For more of Lesson 4 in Raw Art Journalling, I chose to write and frame a haiku. The words represent my feelings very succinctly – I surprised myself with this one! And the doodling is fun because it makes me practise something I am not good at!!

For the Three MusesAutumn – this week. 🙂

NB: I had decided previously that I wasn’t going to make haiku art as I already Haiku my Heart (almost) every Friday, but the words came, so I went with the flow… The other words for the one-word journalling were far “artier”, but I think they are equally valid and “of the moment”!

This is the first time I have taken a workshop and been unconcerned about keeping up, having a deadline or making “art”… With Quinn’s class, I am starting to understand that it’s more about “making meaning” – and what that signifies. I think I am growing. Cool, huh?! 😉

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  1. I love your art today Rosie. You are indeed ‘very cool’!! xx

  2. Rosie, these doodles look great if you ask me. Love the colour combination and your haiku, super cute one!

  3. This art has great energy. Very vibrant, Rosie!

  4. Taluula

     /  September 14, 2011

    Rosie, I’m glad we are seeing you here more often, as this is a delicious, rich and vibrant piece with a wonderful haiku to boot. As for the silent ‘N’, it will be one of those marauding hoards who came and saw and conquered and subjected us to their language which then mingled with the next group of marauding hoards who took a liking to our fair Isle. Heee heee.

  5. I wish I had the time to visit your blog more frequently Rosie. It feels to me that I have to catch up with you every time and you create such amazing and original art.
    It confuses me sometimes to see how many techniques you mastered!
    I admire you for that !!!

  6. And yet another dimension of Rosie! I love your Haiku, Rosie, and your doodling as well!

  7. Great take on this theme 🙂

  8. A personally written haiku makes it very special! Beautiful work!

  9. Wonderful creative musings Rosie- you always inspire!

  10. I don’t think you’re “doodling challenged” at ALL, Rosie! This picture is bright and cheeful – just like a beautiful fall day! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  11. Growing is always a good thing ! I think that it is great that you are getting so much out of your RAW class, and so much that is new.
    Love this haiku.
    Feeling like wind is blowing through my brain a little too ! 😉
    Happy Thursday !

  12. I love haiku, Rosie! I just love your art! Happy Thursday!

  13. Love your haiku…your last few posts have been fantastic!! Holding that measuring stick up and saying…hey, I’ve grown another inch… is a really good feeling 🙂

  14. Growing is a good thing Rosie… and creating without pressure does that isn’t it? (And that includes ‘pressure from yourself’ – which is the hardest to overcome… I’m fighting that battle right now!) The haiku is stunning… I would never have thought of something like this (but I’m not a native speaker ofcourse) ‘Silent n’… that is gorgeous!


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