Dull grey, boring day

Taints the daytime with its tone

Maybe it will rain?


Some brighter patches

Fleeting glimpses of sunshine

Then more cloudy grey…


For Haiku my heart with Rebecca at Recuerda mi corazon. This photo, courtesy of  Edinburgh/Leith Daily Photo Blog, found on Google images.

Just about echoes my mood for now! 😦

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  1. Ahhh, here we covet the rain and clouds like a treasure…but in AZ we get 300+ days of sunshine each year, so that probably makes a difference! I hope the greyness lifts for you today!

  2. Yes, grey here too, now and again a light flickers. Always bright at haiku my heart though, hope your mood lifts and you have a happy weekend.

    Sue x

  3. The words crafted are apt for here too in Mumbai!! We see the same grey though it is nearly the end of monsoon!!

  4. Oh, this is nice, Just my kind of day. Great picture and Haiku. Cheer up, fall is just starting.


  5. These gray days make way for abundance!

  6. magicalmysticalteacher

     /  September 17, 2011

    Sometimes the grey seems endless…but one day the sun will shine again, both in the sky and in your heart! 🙂

    Chimes here and here and here

  7. Grey is a colour, too! I love the rain, that’s why I live where I do. I imagine England, Scotland and Wales to have the same type of weather since they are near the same latitude and have western shores. All the better for opening up their arms and receiving the weather.

  8. Grey days can make us feel down, or at least slow us down for a few moments. I like to see them as days in Black and White as opposed to color, especially when photgraphing something neutral in tone. Wonderful haiku, both of them. Setting a tone, but also acknowledgement and request for moisture. Pretty cool stuff.


  9. It was a bit overcast here today but cleared up to blue skies in the afternoon. I love your photograph. Don’t let the weather or life get you down. You are an amazing woman. I hope your spirits are lifted high soon.

  10. I hope the sun shines for you today! Grey days like you describe are boring and get on the mood, don’t they?! Maybe you should splash some bright coloured paint around? Anyhow: enjoy the weekend!

  11. Naynay

     /  September 22, 2011

    hey…I’ve been to that spot in Eninburgh. Climbed that mountain in the background. That photo captures the very feeling of the day I had to return home too. Sept 11, 2009.


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