Texture Tuesday!

I have been exploring digital art lately – taking Shwe’s awesome class to learn how to creat characters using Photoshop alone… and I have also been trying to improve my skills by learning how to use textures with Kim Klassen. I just finished “Textures in Ten” where Kim has made 2 FREE videos which show you step-by-step how to use some of her awesome textures with layering, etc. Excellent!!

I can’t do a rollover yet, but here’s my entry to Texture Tuesday – first time ever…!

And this is the original photo of my home…

I used the 2 textures from the Textures in Ten class, by Kim, and played with layers and masks. What fun!! Thanks Kim for sharing your knowledge and skills. 🙂

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  1. Very beautiful work. The line you added: “A little neglect goes a long way,” shall become my favorite. I’m glad you joined us.

  2. This came out wonderfully. I am new to textures and just experiementing too. Not sure what to do, just trying.
    I’m intrigued by your profile pic….is that part of those Shwe’s classes or is that something you create? I’d love to try something like that but have NO clue where to start. It’s really a stunning image.

  3. ha! nice to meet you at TT, too:) i´ve been into editing photos over the last weeks, too… i urgently needed another addiction, you know;) i only wish i could multiply my time also…
    love your layering, rosie! i´m sure to see more of digital from you, sounds you caught the infection, too;)
    xox, johanna

  4. Nice work with texture.

  5. lovely work Rosie, nice to meet you at TT 🙂

    thank you for your kind comment at my TT blogpost (i’m #29)

  6. Very nice work! and lovely home!

  7. “A Little Neglect Goes Long Way” – I love that quote. The textured photo of your home is well done.

  8. lovely work!


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