Petr and his dreams…

Do you think polar bears dream? What do they dream about, I wonder… Could it be big, juicy salmon or the thrill of a chase? Or maybe they dream of finding a mate? Dreams are doorways into our subconscious, are they not?

The image is a transfer from a National Geographic magazine, into the dreaded Khadi-paper journal! I used 2 shades of Inktense pencils to colour the background, scrubbed with water and brush (or blended, if you prefer, though it was a lot quicker and less technical than that!!); I had to dry the page with my heat gun as I intended to write on it…

However, having taken a liking to hybrid art and being very protective of my transfers and backgrounds, I decided to scan it into Photoshop and play with Kim Klassen’s textures and layers, which I have just learnt to do!

I used Ugg love – changed the colour to blue to suit my palette – and the painted music texture from the Textures in Ten Class. Thank you so much Kim – you have opened my eyes and taught me to play again! ♥

For The Three Muses – Doorways – this week. And for Petr, and all the other polar bears out there, looking for love…

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  1. Wow, Rosie, this is amazing! What a beautiful image. it really conveys the cold of the Arctic, and the texture is fantastic! Great work!

  2. How beautiful! A wonderful job you’ve done here and I do hope Petr finds his soulmate,xx

  3. Such a beautiful piece of art, Rosie! Love the term “hybrid art”–most descriptive.

  4. Well, aren’t you having a new kind of fun???? This is a beautiful interpretation of this week’s challenge, Rosie. Thanks for sharing your new “playtime”.

  5. I have a deep love for polar bears…and their dreams it would seem.
    Love this piece.
    Happy Wednesday, Lovely Rosie !

  6. A beautiful piece right out of a Northern Fairy tale- love this enchantment Rosie!

  7. Taluula

     /  September 21, 2011

    I love the idea of dreams being the doorway to our subconscious, Rosie, and I’m in awe, once again, of what you have achieved here. Keep on learning, keep on playing and keep on sharing. You rock.

  8. It’s very beautiful, Rosie.

  9. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this transfer!! great colors!

  10. Fantastic! Great story, too. I want to hear more!!

  11. Love all the blue tones you used. Your picture is very sweet.

  12. Such an entrancing take on the theme, Rosie, so soft & tender!

  13. So unique and gorgeous…well done Rosie!!!

  14. I love all the texture and the colors (those blues are one of my favorite pallets). Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog. (and the British translation- lol although I knew what you meant… when I was still at work our HQ was in London, I got a lot of British idioms on a daily basis) : )

  15. Gorgeous layers of blue.
    Wonderful textures and washes. Just beautiful!

    I also want to thank you for joining my art blog hop and posting the button on your site!
    I am your newest blog follower! 🙂

    Wishing you all the best,


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