The Love eDition – {Texture Tuesday}

I am so enjoying my new childhood status – it’s so full of adventures! Last night I finished my 2nd digital painting from Shwe’s online class and today I’m participating in Texture Tuesday again! Wow! There’s so much to learn and explore in this digital landscape – I am well and truly hooked!

This photos is taken on our mobile phones, in the toilets at a big supermarket. My DD, Amber, and I had been out for the day in June, on a “Thelma & Louise” style road trip! By the time we got to the facilities, it felt like that, honestly!! We had a really good day and I think it’s absolutely perfect for the Love eDition this week at Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.

Today I wrote down what I did… 😉

Used Kim’s Fall_in texture twice – multiply at 78% opacity; soft light at 78% opacity

I did my usual drop shadow and emboss with a few tweaks for both sets of text, reducing the opacity for my signature to 28%, and for the byline to 85%. The hearts came from the shapes box, and I just added a little light and shade to them! It makes me happy… 🙂

If you want to learn more cool techniques and stuff, like me, then Kim has a Skinny mini e-course that’s free to join right now. Click HERE to go check it out!

[Bearing in  mind that this was a low-res phone pic to start with, I am really impressed with how soft Kim’s texture has made it. ]

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  1. Sounds like a fun day and what a wonderful photo of you together!

  2. Visiting from TT. I think we might be kindred spirits on the same journey! After reading your post I can TOTALLY relate. Plus…if you take a look at my TT submission, it’s of my daughters and moi too, haha. TOTAL “love” :). Enjoy your digital learning, I know I am. So much to learn…it’s exhilerating.


  3. talking about thelma & louise… did you meet a sexy brad-pitt-like guy also?? hehehe, my first thought…
    ok, you both look GORGEOUS – yes, the eyes have it… wonderful shot!!!
    (and now the days need to have even more hours because of this digital crazy, oh my, where will this end…)

  4. This is just precious!! What a great shot. So glad you could join us.

    Hope you have a blessed day♥

  5. I love that photo! The texture made it even more beautiful! Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, I’m sooo busy lately that I can’t keep up with all the blogs. Glad to see YOU are still around and doing well!

  6. I’m relieved to know that you and your daughter’s outing ended on a positive note unlike Thelma and Louise – poor dears!

    Your photos are fun. I’d like to hear more about your digital painting class.

  7. This one has so much JOY and LOVE. Just wonderful.

  1. dAISY… « Altered Art & Stuff…

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