Zombie Revolution

For SPA this week – zombies…

Texture layers courtesy of Kim Klassen;

Che-zombie courtesy of an image from “Zombie shirts”;

Original background layer – me!!

I converted the Che Zombie image into a brush as the complete image was a bit too OTT for the purpose!! Fun all the way today! The sun is shining brightly and would probably sear the rags off a zombie, but hey, it’s only a theme, innit? 😉

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  1. This card is fantastic, Rosie! What a great inspiration piece!

  2. Fabulous ides, Rosie. I love the Che Zombie, and it was brilliant to make it a brush!

  3. Great idea. It makes a fab Zombie card! xx

  4. Love your zombie Che, so cool.

  5. Wow he is scary looking what a great zombie!!!

  6. Great zombie, Rosie!


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