La Tomatina – TT – Gratitude

When we lived in Spain – and we were there over 10 years! – we were always involved in the local fiestas. We were so lucky to have experienced everything from helping to build floats for carnivals, to making costumes for kids, to actually performing (Nick used to be a fire-eater, and I used to work with him!!), that I have super memories of those times. I choose to be grateful that we had those experience which made the memories…

So when I came across a photo of “La Tomatina” in a National Geographic magazine, I had to use it in the Khadi journal. This is a transfer onto watercolour painted backgound, which I have used as the basis for today’s Texture Tuesday entry – “Gratitude”.

Here’s a link to La Tomatina, if you’re curious about this crazy fiesta!

I used Ugg love (sepia), soft light and removed some texture from the central image;

Ladder texture with colour burn, increasing the lightness

The font is aaaiiight! fat with drop shadows, which I coloured to make it look a bit like tomato splats!! The text on the right was altered with colour burn.

So, I am grateful that although we didn’t go to the tomato fight, we got to live a lot of fiestas and enjoy them!

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  1. LOVE the name of that font 🙂
    and the tomato festival looks like fun!

    I’ve never tried an image transfer from a magazine image, must give it a go

  2. oh my, i love everything about it! and i must search for this font, looks gorgeous (and aren´t drop shadows another gorgeous thing to play with? ahhh, the game never ends;))

    • Yea, I know!! If only I could remember where I got it… I think it’s the same place as Kim’s VT remington though?

  3. I like the texture. It changed the whole mood of the photo! Well done

  4. I know about the tomatoefestival in Spain. Weird and fun indeed! Beautiful page dear! Oh, and I’m curious – you as your husband’s assistant, were you wearing one of those ‘bikini-sequin-outfits then? Have pics? *teehee*

  5. What a wonderful experience that must of been to live there and experience all the wonder of the culture. This is a fantastic piece.


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