Blackbird, crow, rook or raven?

I’ve been altering images for Take a Word’s “Blackbird” this week. I have made two different pieces, but taken liberties with “black bird”…

It’s surprising how much work goes into these digital pieces, really, because there are 2 crows here. I cut one out in order to create a proper shadow!! The font is one I came across at Jerry Jones’s Shadow House Creations – (so cool!! It’s called “Ornatique”) – as is the big tree brush in the background. Many thanks to Jerry for being so generous.

This one is an American Crow. Both images were googled and found to be in the public domain.

Textures from Kim Klassen – a new one for this weekend – “and then some”; and autumn burst. Thank you Kim!

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  1. Great use of both textures!!! You have something to “crow” about with these 2 beauties!

  2. Love them both — great use of Kim’s textures!

  3. Love them both, Rosie, especially the American crow piece, love the colours!

  4. great pieces, love both of them!

  5. Love them both, great textures.
    Greet Marja

  6. Two fabulous pieces – I particularly like the second, but I really like the tree brushes in the first.

  7. i like the crow family so much, and you edited both pieces so well! playing with jerry´s stuff is such a joy and kim´s new texture just fits here perfectly!!

  8. Great black bird entries! They are both most effective. Great job!

  9. Kaylene

     /  October 10, 2011

    Great image, congratulations on your work.

  10. really fabulous images …. love how you incorporated the textures…..

    thanks for sharing… xxo, Kim

  11. These pictures are lovely Rosie. Great work! xx

  12. I love this! It’s so well done. I’m a big fan of Shadowhouse Creations, and appreciate Jerry’s generosity so much as well. You’ve done him proud!!

  13. I’ve been away from your blog too long again Rosie… I thought of you today while wearing the ‘arm warmers’ that you made me. Yes, it was that cold and I had to type a document. I really needed the warmth, and it was so nice to put them on! I hope you are doing well dear!

    • Poor Marit… I am so glad I sent you those wristies hun… There’s nothing worse than having cold hands, is there?

  14. You made blackbirds interesting! Actually, I’ve always loved art with blackbirds in it.

  15. Rosy !! I’m drooling !!!!
    My style of artwork and ooohhhh this is ginius !!
    You chose the PERFECT textures for these pieces !!
    Amazing my friend !!

  16. Djeeezzz I see now that I wrote your name incorrect. What a blame and I’m soooo sorry !!

  17. What a beautiful picture Rosie…great job!!!

  18. I love both images but I love the one with the busier background the best. It’s very creepy and I like the layering of the marks. Beautiful and stunning works.

  19. Hi Rosie….coming by to see what you’ve been doing…love the digital art you have been doing! We have crows that swoop down near our birdfeeders in the backyard. I really enjoy hearing their noise and noisey they are! 🙂

  20. wonderful altered crows dear Rosie

    you’ve gone all digi I see…makes less of a mess…but I am still stuck to my scissors and glue 😉


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