Be it ever so humble…

For The Three Muses, Home Sweet Home this week…

It took me the best part of today (Tuesday) to create this winter wonderland from scratch! I had to create a new girl, then a penguin, an igloo and a Christmas tree and carefully weave them all together. However, I wanted to start playing with Christmas scenes so I’ll have cards ready this year and it’s great practice!

Thanks to Shadow House Creations & Kim Klassen for some of the textures; the remainder are from my scrapbook papers collection.

See all the other participants here. ♥

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  1. Well what a darling Christmas card Rosie and how smart you are to get going so soon…beautiful artwork!!!

  2. More of my favourite birds! Great job, Rosie!

  3. A lovely card Rosie! I never seem to get ahead with mine for Christmas. Great elements! xx

  4. Rosie, this is a delightful card (and one you could duplicate to send out if you don’t have time to make lots more cards!). It is different from what I usually see in your art, but very nice. I like the penguins, the girl Santa, and tree. No wonder all this took all day. Most of us would be working on it for days, not hours.

  5. cooooooool!! and it really looks time consuming for me!

  6. What a beautiful card this makes! Your talent is blossoming and blossoming, Rosie. Good for yoU!

  7. Kaylene

     /  October 12, 2011

    A wonderful card

  8. Just a beautiful winter card.


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