Haiku my heArt


Oh winter cherry,

plump orange fruits ripening

in time for Christmas.

I like these so much although I don’t manage to keep them for long! It is, of course, an outdoor plant, but I have a bindweed epidemic in my garden and refuse to plant out any more because it just chokes the life out of everything… So, my little winter cherry tree sits on the kitchen windowsill, basking in cool climes and occasional sunshine, and we “talk” every day!

Do you talk to your plants too?

For more participants at Haiku my heArt Friday, head over to Recuerda mi corazon, where Rebecca plays hostess for us every week as we write our haikus. Everybody’s welcome to join in, especially new peeps or haiku fans! 🙂

Image – googled; textures from Kim Klassen.


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  1. The plants talk to me, I admire them and tell them so. Lovely haiku and a great photo of that plant!


  2. Oh, yes, my plants speak to me. My husband thinks I am nuts but he is not the one who showers them with love and water, so I doubt he could hear their voices. 😉
    Happy Friday, Wonderful One. Loving the new look around here too !

  3. I talk to trees and plants…they answer with love.

  4. I love that you talk to your little cherry tree everyday! I take care of about 35 plants in the house, plus the yard and the garden…it’s a lot of work, but so worth it! Will the bindweed choke itself after it kills everything else??? Good luck with that!

  5. Nice American Haiku? Lovely imagery and words.


  6. I just love this!!!
    My first time her!

  7. Love the haiku and photo…the photo looks like it could be a Christmas card

  8. I like your cherry tree. It is lovely and yes, I do talk to my plants and try to encourage them. i don’t have a green thumb so they need all of the sweet talking they can get. This is a lovely post Rosie.
    The image is beautiful.

  9. The plant looks beautiful and your words do great justice as does the photography. The fruits look plump and pleased!!

  10. this makes me think of the little prince and his rose under a protective glass globe. yes, lots of talking to plants. and sheltering them. i love every wondrous stage of a plants life….they are great teachers of acceptance and willingness…and they never try to be anything else but exactly what they are!


  11. I just love this!!! Of course I talk to my plants, doesn’t everyone!

  12. i´m totally convinced that the green thumb in reality is a “green voice”… of course i talk to my plants!
    your photo is wonderfully edited!


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