Nearly time…

It’s nearly that time of year again, where kids get mesmerised by adverts on TV, parents get bombarded by “I want…” cries and I get all “Bah Humbug!” I can’t bear all the hype and commercialism, so when I saw that Take a Word’s challenge this week was to use “Time” in our artwork, I altered a vintage photo from my collection.

I may well use this as a Christmas card this year!! Enjoy all the entries HERE. ♥

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  1. that’s very nice!

  2. Kaylene

     /  October 30, 2011

    Oh how so true, a lovely image for Xmas.

  3. Haaa..You are indeed right Rosie !!
    Overhere in Holland we have the Sinterklaas feast on the 5th december but it also irritates me that Santa is likely to gain the upper hand with his commercial stuff.

    A fantastic card BTW with fab colours !! 🙂

    hugsss, Rian

  4. Oh for Pete’s sake, I haven’t had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet!! In my commenting today I’ve gone from witches to a Santa hat. I feel a little faint. BUT,…. its a lovely piece, Rosie.

  5. It seems to come around faster every year…beautiful golden picture the colors are wonderful what a sweet card!!!

  6. Agree with your sentiments entirely, Rosie, but you have created a perfect ‘C’ card!! (I daren’t mention ‘that’ word YET!)

  7. My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but you did a create a wonderful piece of art! Vintage photos are always fun.

  8. A beautiful card Rosie. Yes, it would make a wonderful C card! xx

  9. Soooo true!
    Anybody can’t do anything but agree…
    Your work is very beautiful, charming & tender!

  10. Such a sweet card, Rosie!

  11. bela imagem envelhecida pelo tempo.

  12. Taluula

     /  October 31, 2011

    What a wonderful card this would make for THAT time of year or better still the December page of a calendar. Rosie, I’m loving those warm glowing colours!

  13. I totally agree with you Rosie!!! I don’t like all the commercial stuff, MAN, we don’t even decorate the house much. (just my little, white branches with small lights… nothing more) I do look forward to the week after Christmas though… that’s MY party AND a special ‘blog-party-event-week’ for all my readers to enjoy and participate… curious now? You should! Haaaahaa

  14. Beautiful, Rosie. Those were the days when you were very lucky if you got a doll, period.

  15. Wonderful vintage piece! but…too soon…too soon…aiyyeee!


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